care to share: About YOU

Hello Everyone. I know I haven’t been active with those of you out there. I’ve been meaning to turn this blog into, well, a blog. Things just haven’t turned out that way. As you can see, I’ve mainly used this site to host my work.

I’ll keep this short and to the point. I’ve always been a little curious about the person behind the comments and messages, and yes, you silent viewers too. Lol. So please have at it and tell me a little about yourself. I’ll start you off with a few questions that I’m most curious about.

  • How did you find me? (YT, CR, VEOH, search, etc.)
  • What’s your favorite subbed MV? (If any! Yikes!)
  • What’s your nationality?
  • Any tidbit you’d like to share. 🙂

Please, this is meant to be fun. I’ll see how this turns out and consider adding onto this concept. Thanks!


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38 Responses to care to share: About YOU

  1. fahlee says:

    hi ja ^^ i dink i found you off of another thai webbie ja XD mayb its one of those that u has under ur bloggroll ja ^^

    as for ur fav subbed MV i understand thai so its great that u are subbin` cuz i can show it to my nonthai frens who likes it too. she loves lydia ^^ & i adore aof kkeke & da endorphine the artist u have here are all great ja than you very much na ^^ im glad i can find a site to DL deir songs that i dont have ^^

    Hi fahlee, I’m pretty sure it was Lyns’ page. Lol. She provides a lot of resources. It’s pretty cool that you understand Thai and show my work to your friends. Thank you! – AD

  2. sajenna says:

    hi, i’m sajenna:
    ruk ter took wan song
    i’m a lakorn addict and i love thai’s lakorns ost!!!

    Hey sajenna. Thanks for stopping by. You also do great work. Lakorn OST’s can get really addicting, especially when they’re played throughout the lakorn. Lol. Just out of curiousity, how many languages do you speak? – AD

  3. Rotheany says:

    YT and CR
    Sing Tee Young Leuh
    Thai lakorn junkie and can’t get enough of it. Appreciate all that you do and all the great subbers out there.

    Hey Rotheany, thanks for your comment and supporting all the subbers. Also, I didn’t sub Sing Tee Young Leuh. I don’t know who did, but it would be wonderful if you could pass along your appreciation to the rightful subber (if you haven’t already done so). 🙂 – AD

  4. oscil says:

    hi,bjorn here.
    age 27 male here
    found you in youtube.
    all endrophine songs and those i asked you to sub for me =D
    i going to thailand (bkk) for endrophine concert on the 24th.if you need any stuff i can get for you.please do let me know

    Hey oscil. It’s always nice when you stop by. I’m so jealous. I hope to see them one day. Hmm, I think it’s too late to ask, but I’d love to get Da’s autograph. Lol. JK. Have a great time and thanks for being so considerate. – AD

  5. hias0701 says:

    Hi, Ashley Hillyer here..
    Found you on youtube, then this site from Lyn’s lakorn blog.. Love your work.. I’m learning Thai from yours and others subbing projects.. I’m Hmong and am from the USA. Love to watch Thai Lakorns..

    Hi hias0701, thanks for the comment. Lyn’s page has great resources. I love going there too. I’m trying to learn Korean from the kdramas but I haven’t been too successful. Lol. Chok dee na ja. 😀 – AD

  6. Airine says:

    Hi Anothaidara ^^ …

    # How did you find me? (YT, CR, VEOH, search, etc.)
    Youtube … I’m searching for Roy Leh Sanae Rai and found you ^^ and i keep checking your channel … I’m new to lakorn ^^ …
    # What’s your favorite subbed MV? (If any! Yikes!)
    Haven’t watch your subbed MV yet …
    # What’s your nationality?

    Hi Airine, thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry I’ve had to neglect RLSR for awhile, but I will continue it and finish it. – AD

  7. Andy says:

    Hey…i love your website!
    i appreciated your hard work…thank you soo much!
    oh and your youtube!
    you know the lakorn Roy Leh Sanae Rai 1.1..there’s are stupid comments there…hopefully you get rid off it!
    is annoying…i dont think you know about that…
    its doesnt look right peoples swears on your page..

    Hey Andy, thanks for letting me know about those comments. I removed them. I know it was an eyesore. It’s always nice to meet a guys who watches lakorns. Lol. – AD

  8. fan says:,ma =)

    Thanks for leaving a comment. ^_^ -AD

  9. lilithao says:

    Hi Anothaidara, this is lili thao…hehehe….
    how i found you –
    anywaise i found you on youtube!!
    Fav. subbed MV / Lakorn :
    and i love every subbed projects from you!! the lakorn that i love the most was the one where my hubby Ken dies “Song Rao … Nirudon ” and the MVs i epsecially appreciate you for is Parn’s – Khun Nai Niyai and Aof’s – Tang Karng Lung Ta Loo Teung Hua Jai !!
    My nationality:
    I’m hmong, i live in the minnesota in the US, and i’m learning some thai thanks to u and many of the other thai lakorn subbers. and last but not least,

    Hey lili thao. I know you’ve been supporting my work and I really do appreciate it. SRN is quite a tear-jerker and I’m glad you liked it. – AD

  10. lia00027 says:

    hi there. Well I found out about you was from while I randomly checking about lakorns with eng sub from lyn’s blog page.

    My favorite mv so far is by Parn, Fourth, & Piano – Khon Nai Niyai, the lyrics is really meaningful and thank to u anothaidara that i could understand the lyric while the song is really good to listen to.

    I’m Indonesian and currently staying in Singapore, spending my leisure time to surfing internet mostly watching movies or dramas.

    Thanks for your subbing job it’s really helpful.

    Hi lia00027, thanks for your comment. Lyn’s page is pretty awesome. I love going there myself. Lol. – AD

  11. Love says:

    Hi AD! ❤

    -Found you on YT while browsing for new lakorns
    -I love love love Ruk Ter took wan, I can’t believe it wasn’t a big hit? How come nobody had that RTTW Fever?? I was so in love with it. Their acting was superb!!!
    -I’m Cambodian/Chinese
    -I just want to say THANK YOU so much for your hard work. I’m sure it was challenging!!! Yet, you still took the time to sub them for us! I’m sure you already know that many Cambodians watch lakorns and of course its dubbed and there is nothing better than hearing the actual voice with subs. So, because of you I’m able to watch it and feel every emotion and mood. Dubb ones ruin the whole feeling of a scene sometimes. k I’ll stop here… Thanks so much! Blessings!

    Lol. I don’t know why RTTW wasn’t a big hit. Maybe it was because it wasn’t one of those over-the-top dramas. Thanks for the sweet comments. I used to hate watching things with subs, but now I prefer it. Take care my dear. – AD

  12. evolecallaw says:

    Hi, I found your videos on Youtube and lately I’ve been addicted to Lakorn and love how you sub your videos. It look very professional looking hihihi.

    I haven’t gone through all your videos yet so atm I don’t know. I’m watching Tik and Aom lakorn right now.

    My nationality is Vietnamese. I live in the U.S. Calfornia. Beside Lakorn, I’m also interesting Japanese dorama, Korean drama, and Taiwanese idol drama.

    My favorite Japanese Boyband is ARASHI. I just love those boys. My favorite Japanese serie is Hana Yori Dango. The Taiwanese drama I love to watch over and over is It Started Wtih a Kiss. Love Joe and Ariel. and my favorite Korean serie is My Girl. It is so funny. I wonder have you watch all the series I have mention? if not you should. I think you will enjoy it.

    Hello, evolecallaw. Thank you for the sweet comments. My Girl is also my favorite Kdrama. I love Lee Da Hae. She’s the best! If I ever decide to get into Jdramas and Tdramas, I’ll start with the dramas you’ve recommended. Lol. Kdramas already consume so much my time, so I haven’t ventured out into any other regions. ^_^ – AD

  13. porpeaches says:

    Well…I found you either through surfing english subbed thai lakorns on youtube or through Lyn’s lakorn blog. Lol. I absolutely love Prik Thai’s ‘Ruk Saam Sao’ music video (I think that’s the right spelling) and a whole bunch more that I can’t remember. And I am Hmong. I really love how devoted you are to subbing. Keep up the great work and don’t overstress yourself!

    Hi porpeaches. It’s nice of you to stop by here. Thank you for understanding and being so supportive. I’m glad you like the MV’s too. Lol. – AD

  14. I found your site from youtube of course…
    I’m hmong and I am also in a process of learning thai. Since i just love their lakorn and boys band…hehehe… I’m a very big fan of Golf and mike and many other group as well…
    well, thanks for the sub on those MV. I really appreciate your hard work!!! keep up ur good work and i would definitely support you….A million thank 2 u!!!!!!!love ur site

    Shouting out from California, Fresno….

    Hey Txung23. Yes, I do believe that a majority of you have found me through YT, but I was just curious. Lol. Golf and Mike are very talented, but they just don’t appeal to me. No offense. Good luck learning Thai. – AD

  15. farg says:

    Hi~~AnothaiDara ^^

    How did you find me? (YT, CR, VEOH, search, etc.)
    -I found you on YOUTUBE

    What’s your favorite subbed MV? (If any! Yikes!)
    -There’re many lakorns I love…
    dao fah ihong
    ruk ter yod ruk
    tawan tud boorapa
    leut kuttiyah …etc.

    What’s your nationality?

    I love thai lakorn very much !!!
    The thai lakorn is a marvelous world.

    Hello farg. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying some Thai entertainment. I’ve grown to love it more as well. Thanks for supporting me and the other fansubbers out there. ^_^ Take care. – AD

  16. oscil says:

    AD,guess what!!! i have what you send a message of your address in youtube so i can mail to you.cheers!!!!!

  17. tfilipina says:

    hello! as what my name says, i’m a filipina (from the philippines).
    i found you from sarnworld which directed me to your youtube page which directed me to this blog. hehehe…
    i’m a big fan of anne T and ken T. oum ruk was my first and fav lakorn. and ever since then, i became addicted to the thai entertainment!
    my favorite mv is BIRD’s Tean Kun Tum Mai but it was never english subbed. hehe…

    i just wanna say that it’s soooo nice of you to share these subbed lakorns to us. though i haven’t watched any of your works yet…

    keep sharing! hehe… happy new year!

    Hey tfilipina. It’s okay if you haven’t seen anything I’ve subbed. I take no offense, as you are still a strong supporter of fansubbers in general. We appreciate it so much. Thanks for stopping by. ^_^ – AD

  18. Tinah says:

    ^___^ I found you while doing a google search of something lol. And your blog is I must say awesome ^__-”

    Hey Tinah, that means a lot coming from you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a msg. I stop by your page for info too, but never leave you a msg. Perhaps next time. Lol. Keep up the great work on your end too. – AD

  19. uhoomi says:

    hey hi AD,

    Found u in YT – while watching other lakhon saw U in the “Related Video” corner.
    I like CR & Veoh – their downloading buffering is faster, video is longer BUT in CR video always being taken out before U got the chance to watch ( frustrating, sad – can’t do anything due to copyright).

    I’ve watched the RTTW by U and U are GOOD. Watched RSLR in Thai version but only understand the story line but not the dialogue. Very happy when I saw that U are subbing it & I’ll re-watch it. I’ve made a list of lakhons titles w/subb by whom 4 my ref. inclusive non subb too (hundreds of them) hee.. heee.

    I’ve no favorites and watched any ethnic MV (w/subb)depending on my mood. Currently I’m on to Philipine & Thai.
    I like lakhons acted by: male- Mart, Paul, Por, Pong, Chai & especially Chakrit , Ken, Aum and Female- Ann, Aum, Kob, Aom (they don’t depend on heavy makeup during acting).

    Had few time went to BKK & tried to look for vid w/subb but to no avail and happy to join YT. I really appreciate all the subbers like U spending time to do the work that benefits people like us. Due to all of the subbers hardwork that makes us understand Thai culture and appreciate the MV better.
    How I wish that the Thai acting during love scene is like the Philipine’s. They are really good in expressing it plus action. heee….heeee 😛

    I’m Singaporean/Chinese-Baba but don’t speak Chinese

    Lyn’s Lakorn Blog and your YT background is awesome.

    Million Thanks to U and keep up the good work. Wish that we can meet, make friend and hav drinks (coffee) together. ;;)

    Hello, uhoomi. I really enjoyed reading your comment. Sadly, I’ve given up on CR after just a short run with them. It’s senseless to upload videos there when it’ll get taken down after only a few months. Oh well. Veoh is a great host, but I’ve neglected that site for awhile. I didn’t mean to. It just happened.

    I like what you said about the female leads. Lol. It’s true. From the very beginning, they always got into their roles and never had to rely on accessories. Oh, and you left out Tik. Lol. Maybe that was intentional. He’ll always be my hero. *sigh*

    Anyway, I doubt I’d be any fun over coffee. I’m just a normal girl with a pretty normal life. Lol. – AD

  20. yacmeel says:

    i found you on youtube and i’ve watched every drama you’ve uploaded
    please continue the drama with tik and janie, i cannot wait to see more.
    thank you for all your hard work,
    i visit your site quiet often…

    Hey, yacmeel. Thanks for watching and supporting my work. Do you mean RLSR with Tik and Aom or Tang Fah Tawan Diew with Tik and Janie? I’m not subbing TFTD. Lol. I am subbing RLSR as a side project, so it will be a slow one. – AD

  21. such a body says:

    How did you find me? (YT, CR, VEOH, search, etc.)
    you’re one of my subsciptions on youtube. and on lyns lakorn blog because when i dnt have time to watch 10 minutes each of 8 parts of the series, i read her summaries.

    What’s your favorite subbed MV? (If any! Yikes!)
    anything of clash,chin,ice or bie.
    my friends also love them and its WAYYY easier to show them the mv and not have to sit there and translate for them because its subbed already.

    What’s your nationality?
    thai-korat and cambodian. born and raised in san diego,ca. grew up watching soaps with my mom may be it chinese subbed to thai or cambodian or thai lakorns or thai subbed to cambodian and now im branching out into korean and japanese. but korean concepts are just so darn sad. we even have a asian drama watching club at my school xD

    Hello. I think it’s so cool that there’s an asian drama watching club at your school. I would’ve definitely joined if they had that when I was in school. Lol. Thanks for stopping by and showing your support. ^_^ – AD

  22. Craig says:

    Hi AnothaiDara,

    How are you? I keep checking back regularly to see what new music videos you’ve added. I’m really not into Thai Soap Operas, so I mainly come here for the music videos. Anyway, I originally found you by searching youtube for Da Endorphine. I would say my favorite music video would be Clash- Naao, the one you translated on my request:-) That is definitely my favorite Clash song (although I like most of their others). I also love Da Endorphine and like all of your translations of hers. I’m hoping you’ll have time to translate the Retrospect song that Da sings on. I know bands like Retrospect doesn’t seem to be your style, but it’s a great song, and having Da in it makes it that much better. By the way, I’m American (from Berkeley, California), but have been living in Chiang Mai off and on for 4 years.

    Keep up the great work. I always enjoy coming here and seeing what songs you’ve translated.

    Take care,


    Hey, Craig. Always a pleasure to hear from you. I love that song from Retrospect and Da. I may not be a big fan of bands like Retrospect, but I do like their more melodic songs. Those types of bands actually make some really great heartfelt songs. Lol. So do you speak Thai since you live in Chiang Mai from time to time? You’re one of the people who encourages me to continue subbing songs. ^_^ – AD

  23. azma says:

    >>well, it started with roh ley sanae rah….i watched the lakorn about 5 yrs ago but only the middle part coz i admitted 2 boarding school at that time, i really love RLSR and yet never seen the ending, so i check it out on YT and i found u. I’m glad u still want 2 sub the lakorn
    >>sorry, but i prefer korean and japanesse song
    (not really listening 2 other stuff)
    >>i’m malaysian but now i’m in czech republic (studying)
    >>hmmm something 2 share? i’m a bit fan of durian! hahahaha
    >>snow is suck, it’s look nice on tv though…not really when i experience it myself. i prefer hot and humid.
    >>anyway, nice work on MV and subbing lakorn
    hope u always in good health and high spirit.

  24. Chankoda says:

    i found you from lyn’s blog…..and now i go on your blog daily sometimes more…..[ i know stalker]

    I like all the mv you subbed because if you didn’t i would not understand the meanings of the song

    i am camthaichi [cambodian thai and chinese]

    im the only one out of all my friends who watches lakorn and they all think im weird…

    keep up the good work…im so glad you sub these music videos because i can finally get the meaning of it.

    Hey, Chankoda. Aw, so you come here everyday? Then I must apologize because I don’t update or post videos that often. I only post new videos about once or twice a week. Anyway, thanks for your support.
    Some of my friends don’t watch Asian dramas either, but sometimes I still tell them about something great I’ve watched. Lol. – AD

  25. verycheeky1 says:

    Hello AnothaiDara!

    I found you through YouTube. 🙂
    The first one I’ve seen of your’s was Ruk Ter Took Wun and it definitely became my favorite!!
    I am Hmong American.

    I am totally a fan of your site! RTTW was one of the lakorns that got me hooked and now I’m addicted to watching more. ;P Thanks for putting so much time into subbing all these dramas since I only understand alittle Thai! I look forward to your current/next projects! 😀

    Hey, verycheeky1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed RTTW. It was definitely a great follow up for the two, after SRN. Take care. – AD

  26. lb_tmi says:

    hey AD,

    I found you on youtube. then your blogroll from Lyn’s lakorn blog. (yeah, she’s awesome)

    first lakorn i watched that u subbed: Songrao Nirudon. which i absolutely LOVED!!! then i found Ruk Ter Took Wun–which i so appreciate that you subbed because it’s awesome!!! i love KenAom. they are so compatible.

    fav subbed MV,: anything CLASH. i’m so stalking Bank when i go to Thailand (and P’Bird–my absolute fave).

    i really appreciate all your efforts in subbing… cuz it really helps us Non-Thais. i’m learning Thai and Korean from subs and online learning tools. someday i’ll stalk all my favorite stars. LOL.

    thanks again!

    Hey there. It’s hard not to like Clash. Lol. Bank has his own club in Thailand, and I hear he hangs out there pretty often. *wink, wink* I’m also trying to learn Korean from kdramas. ^_^ Good luck to us all! – AD

  27. Jessica says:

    Hey! 😀

    I just wanted to let you know that I really appereciate all of your translating! I can only understand very very few words, so it really helps me grasp the whole song lol.

    I first found you when i was searching for videos on youtube, your name just kept popping up in a lot of my searches lol.

    I’ve got a lot of favorite MV’s! lol 😀 But my current top pick would be: Boy Peacemaker – Jai Chun Pen Kaung Tur.

    I’m American(mostly swedish heritage) and live in Oregon lol. But after college i want to move to Thailand because i love it there and miss friends 🙂

    Thank you so much! You’re amazing!

    – Jess

    Hey Jessica. I’m glad that you like my work. It means a lot. Good luck on your future plans. Maybe we’ll pass by in Thailand one day and not even know it. Lol. – AD

  28. RukThai says:

    Hi, Ano, sawat dee khraup.

    I found your blog when I tried to search for some Thai mp3 files.
    Nationality: Chinese-Malaysian

    I love Thai pops very much. I am hosting a web radio, Voice of Siam (VOS), to play some Thai pops when I am free. Purpose: Just to let more people fall in love with Thai pops. Your blog and MVs really helped me a lot. I learnt to read and write Pasa Thai by myself. I travel to Prathet Thai very often sicne it’s just up north of Malaysia. Hopefully I will able to live in Prathet Thai someday.

    I do not usually to bookmark a web site but I did it for your blog. My recent favorite song: Jai Chun Ben Kong Ter (My heart belongs to you, correct?) by Peacemaker. I also try to push this song when I am hosting my VOS. Anyway, hope to see mote music updates from you.

    Sawat dee khraup.

    Hi RukThai. It’s pretty cool that you host a web radio and get to play songs that YOU get to choose. Lol. Peacemaker’s new album is so good. I’ve been listening to it nonstop. Also, it’s great that you taught yourself to read and write Thai. It’s not an easy thing to do. Thanks for bookmarking my page. ^_^ – AD

  29. JS says:

    I love how you have Thai videos with subs and provide us with a download link. In the future, can you also subbed and provide a download link for Ruj the star m/v for KLP (son and vill’s lakorn)? Thanks!!!

  30. Ginger says:

    How did you find me? (YT, CR, VEOH, search, etc.)
    Found you from YT…

    What’s your favorite subbed MV? (If any! Yikes!)
    No… MV but the lakorn “Roy Leh Ranae Rai” with Tik and Aom! Love those two together!!!!

    What’s your nationality?

    Any tidbit you’d like to share:
    From Charlotte, NC and trying to wait patiently for the rest of the episodes of Roy Leh Ranae Rai.. *sniff*
    I wish I know how to speak Thai. My husband is Lao but his translations are not as good as yours!! kekeke


    You’re funny Ginger. I don’t know of many guys who like to watch lakorns. If your husband watches them with you, then that’s a plus for him already. Lol. – AD

  31. Humanist says:

    I think u should share ur talent with people of Thailand not in this corner of western platform…>_<…maybe u don’t want to share, do u~

    I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say. I translate Thai to English for those who do not understand Thai. I don’t feel like I’m segregating between the two cultures or depriving either one. This is a hobby afterall and I just share the things I enjoy. -AD

  32. sofabed says:

    *YT, of course, because of RTTW, we’re already acquainted…btw, I’m patiently waiting for your dissertation of LK, so that I can understand it better. Will always be a fan.
    *Tang Karng Lung Ta Loo Teung Hua Jai – Aof Pongsak…dude, because of your subs, I became such a fan of that song, and it helped me lean more towards liking Aof
    *Cambodian born in Thailand but raised in America…hehe…I don’t know what to call myself.
    *I get obsessed with Thai and Chinese entertainment very easily…lol

    Always a fan and supporter of your work.

  33. Kristeeeh says:


    * I found you on YouTube and I have watched ALL of your subbed projects! Your subbing is great and very professional. I haven’t watched RLSR b/c I like to wait until the entire lakorn is finished since I am not a patient person so expect me to pull all nighters watching them when you finish lol!

    * Seriously though, I LOVE all the music you have on your page!! My faves are anything CLASH, BODYSLAM and DA ENDORPHINE! Love these groups!! BTW if your a fan of Bodyslam, they will be doing a US tour in MAY in 4 cities. I am planning to go the the May 3rd concert in Frisco!

    * As for my nationality, you can say I’m a mutt (mixed) lol. My pops was born in burma (or is it myanmar now?) but he was sold when he was a child so he was raised in Thailand and my mom is Laotian but she speaks and understand Thais really well – too bad I don’t 😦 and I was born in Thailand but came to the US when I was a kid.

    I kinda watched lakorns as a kid when my mom watches it but I couldn’t really understand so wasn’t much of a fan…until recently. I started watching subbed lakorns and I am like addicted to them since I can understand exactly what they’re saying. I was always a kdrama and jdrama fan but now thdrama are my thing lol!

    Anyways really appreciate your endless efforts in subbing lakorns and thai music for us that are BIG fans of lakorns. Looking forward to your next project!!!!

    (BTW sorry for practically writing an essay just to answer your 3 questions lol!)

  34. mightydog says:


    1) I found your website via your youtube channel (which i found via Lyn’s blog:)). Thanks a lot for subbing! It’s difficult to choose one favorite drama but some of my favorites are Jum Leuy Ruk, Kaew Tha Pee and Lerd Hong (unfinished). My favorite unsubbed dramas are Lhong Ngao Jun and the 1990’s versions of Ngao Asoke and Koo Gum.

    2) I’m a South African living in Holland who’s been hooked on Asian dramas in general for some time and Thai drama’s since last year.

    Thanks for taking the trouble of subbing and good luck with your projects!

  35. Jan D says:

    Woot… You did a great job ‘AnothaiDara’

    Let me first introduce myself,
    My nick-name is Jan D
    I can’t tell my whole name overhere since I am a Thai movie
    uploader and made already many succesfull English custom subbed Thai movies.
    Right now I’m busy with Fireball, but first I would like to finish: Pun X Dek Sood Kua พันธุ์ X เด็กสุดขั้
    I am almost done with creating the RAW time-stamps, (about 600 lines) and then next it’s time to start the translation and after that I’ll start to fine-tune the time-stamps
    Instead of Fireball, I had to start from scratch with creating the time-stamps for Pun X,
    Luckely with Fireball I was able to rip the RAW time-stamps from the Thai subtitles.

    I hope to find some free time the next monht to finish Pun X
    The only difficulty in this case is that sometimes I can hardly hear the voices, because of the noisy background music.
    Nga anyway I am on da move with this open project.
    Besides I am a Dutch guy born and raise in Amsterdam/Holland but I am a huge fan of Nang Thai and I can speak and understand about 75% of the Thai language.

    If you would like to see or download my DVD movies, feel free to visit: ADC (AsianDVDClub)

    Kind regards, Jan D

  36. Jan D says:

    Oh yeah…besides I found you via Youtube, cuz I was searching for the translation of ‘Love song Pun X’ meanwhile I @ them to my srt.file
    I also @ the other song: ‘Peek Hang Kwarm Fun’ ปีกแห่งความฝัน to the srt.file, but till now with-out English translation, and maybe I keep them in Thai 4 fun (lol)

    Besides I noticed that you are also a visiter of Chruncy,
    I stopped a while a-go with Crunchy cuz they removed the movie section, so I can’t open or share new project’s anymore (cry)

    Meanwhile I just finished the Pun X time-stamps (14 hours)
    Butta for today I am super tired (I worked nonstop 10 hours on the time-stamps), and it’s almost Monday, so time for the working week, I hope to find some time next weekend to start the translation.

    I hardly can’t wait to here the sound on the final custom subbed DVD-9 with DTS.

    If you like to see the srt-work-file you can download it overhere (33Kb) ….: http://w w

    And if you or others like to download the AVI-work-file, you can download it overhere (690Mb) …..: http://w w

    CAUTION: The Rarfile is pasword protected, so if you want the pasword you can ask me via e-mail ….:

    Okay that’s it for the moment, friendly greetings from Jan D

    And to all….Nang Thai rulezzzz!!!

  37. Pandora says:

    Dear Dara,
    I think I’ll call you Dara because of the star thing and by translating you’re shining a lot of lovely things for us.
    Well , let’s answer you questions:
    I can’t remember how did I found you maybe through Lyn’s blog.
    I have many favorite subbed MV but I think what I like most is
    “My weakness is in my heart “,
    I’m Amy from Egyptian and I saw many subbed Lakorns . As you said its addiction 🙂

    I ‘m so happy that you’re subbing Roylaysanay Rai as I ‘ like Tik and Aom so much. I wish you upload your larkons on Megaupload as Veoh is locked here and crunchyroll has canceled all the series.

    Good luck for you on your future days and projects.

  38. Pandora says:

    Oh God…… I was searching now and I realized finally that you’d already uploaded them on Mega upload. Thank you so much you don’t know how much I’m grateful as I got them from cruchyroll before it was locked and then I mistakenly erased them from my PC and my sister and her friends are so angry with me because they wanted to see them so much , Thanks again now I’m out of the hook as they were conspiring for kill me :)))))))

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