Boy Peacemaker – Jai Chun Pen Kaung Tur (MV) [My Heart Belongs to You]

Artist: Boy Peacemaker
Title: Jai Chun Pen Kaung Tur
English Title: My Heart Belongs to You
Year: 2008

The song is so good that it deserves its own MV. Lol. I must admit that I’m not glued to Jai Raao, so this song is still fresh for me. The acapella reiteration of the songs in the lakorn was a real turn off for me. (But that’s a whole other issue.)

Anyway, I think that most of us can relate to this video in one form or another. One person wants the simple life, away from the city. The other is career oriented and must stay in the city in order to strive. Even if you’re in the environment you prefer or are comfortable in, life isn’t complete without that one person.

Yes, I do foresee a sequel to this song and video. I’ve yet to see anything on it so I can’t say for sure. I just can’t imagine what’s going to happen to her. Drunk driver slams into the car? Drive by? I hope it’s nothing fatal.

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3 Responses to Boy Peacemaker – Jai Chun Pen Kaung Tur (MV) [My Heart Belongs to You]

  1. Tinah says:

    Gawsh I totally love Boy Peacemaker! I’ve been in love with him from the beginning lol. His voice is just awesome. The songs that replay in my heart are songs like Suan Gurn, Sood Tai, and This one ^__-” Thanks For sharing Dear

    You’re very welcome! His songs replay in my heart too. I can relate to a lot of them. Lol. – AD

  2. Helen says:

    Jai chun pen kaung tur was not sang by ken theeradeth?

    Hi Helen. The original singer is Boy Peacemaker. Ken just sang for the drama. – AD

  3. nancy jantawong says:

    Hi ya:) I was trying to look for a song by pete peacmaker i think it call second lover. Any one know where can i find it with a eng. sub too. Try every where but cant find any yet:(

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