Am Fine – Faen Kao [Ex-Girlfriend]

Artist: Am Fine
Title: Faen Kao
English Title: Ex-Girlfriend
Album: Little Room
Year: 2009

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2 Responses to Am Fine – Faen Kao [Ex-Girlfriend]

  1. yaso says:

    thanks for this song too! gosh, they’re as good as Endorphine…and i love Endorphine, Am Fine is coming in at a close second! b/c of your hard work and love for Thai music, you are helping me to discover other artist! awesomeness! 😀 Thanks a milliion!

  2. Sai Yang says:

    thanks for the sub:) i love this song its super sad! brought tears to my eyes! the lyric have a deep and depressing meaning! and it hit one hard. welps it hit me hard. it was just so sad how they just got up and left their partner behind for each other! Urg! but yeah i love it! keep up the great works:)

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