care to share: Farewell to One of the Best: Chobling

Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you have been doing well. I have so much news to share, but I’m not sure where to start.

Let me play it safe and get the bad news out of the way. I am unmistakably burdened (and even more saddened) to have to announce that Chobling will no longer be subbing. Many have inquired on her whereabouts and anticipated her future work. You can be assured that your support is not in vain. She appreciates it greatly. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, she has decided to stop subbing. She would like to send out her deepest apologies to those whose requests were not fulfilled. Please leave messages/comments/shout outs to Chobling here if you’d like. Please be respectful. All negative/rude comments will be deleted.

I know it’s hard to deduce that good news could also coincide with such an announcement, but I will try. I will continue to sub ACD to the very end and post it to our joint page. I already realize that it’s too ambitious but my goal is to finish ACD, RLSR, and LK by the end of this summer. At this point, I have no idea what will follow. I may sub what you all have voted for on our joint page. I may not. I’d just like to focus on the three that I’ve started before making such a decision.

Due to the volume of subbing I have to do, I won’t be able to respond to comments like I used to. (I know I was already slacking in that department, but hey, expect even less. Lol.) I will post all updates and announcements here.

For those who are curious, I enjoyed my time off from subbing during the last few weeks. I had what I’d call “subber’s block”. Lol. I just couldn’t focus so I decided to break away from it for a little while and watch some kdramas. Now it’s back to work.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


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10 Responses to care to share: Farewell to One of the Best: Chobling

  1. fahlee says:

    aww farewell & best wishes to herr ^^ & al lthe power to u for goin` on kekke best of luck to both of uu glladd u are still around look forward to ur subb mvs & wut niot kekke

  2. Pa says:

    Thanks for telling us about Chobling. I hope she is doing well and the best of luck for her. I have enjoyed her works and efforts. Thank you for your continue work.

  3. Ginger says:

    Anothaidara!!!!!! I’M SO GLAD YOU ARE OKAY!!!

    You haven’t logged in a month at your youtube site and I was worried something may have happened to you!!!!

    Please do not scare your fans like that again!! hehehe…. j/k

    But I am so glad you are doing well and just needed a break from subbing! It does take a lot of time and work! So don’t forget that we appreciate your work soooooooo much!!!!!!

    I’m also happy that you’ve decided to finish RLSR and LK!! They are the two dramas I am also watching now too.

    I swear if you have these on DVDs, I will definitely buy these two lakorns!! Because your subbing is one of the best subbings I’ve read!!

    THANK YOU for posting this up and letting us know the progress of yourself and Chobling!!!

    Much love from Charlotte, North Carolina…


  4. grace says:

    All the best to her!!! And thank you both for the hard work…..I really love it.

  5. lb_tmi says:

    i appreciate the fact that you are a fansubber, and do not do this as a fulltime job. therefore, whatever time needed for personal, or other reasons is what it is… and we as fans of ur subbing must endure it… as patiently as we can. so, thanks for keeping us in the loop. for purely selfish reasons, i hope you get out of ur subber’s block… and whenever ur ready to get back into the sub of things, i’ll be here to watch.

    thanks!!! and pass on to chobling that she’s done a great job and i wish her the best in all her endeavors. i’ve appreciated the work that she’s done in the past, and if she’s ever wanting to do it again, i’ll definitely support!!!

  6. candyalmonds says:

    Awww I will miss Chobling since I was there from the beginning. Say hi and I hope everything will work itself out. I enjoyed the dramas she subbed will miss her.

    You are so funny wish I could help you out, I appreciate the lakorns that Chobling was able to do they were special, Wish her the best in everything.

    By the way what Kdramas were you watching I am watching Lovers, saw Boys Before Flowers can’t wait for more of the lakorns . Thank You.

  7. gay says:

    Hi Anothaidara!

    I just read your message about chobling and I’m really saddened to hear that she won’t be subbing anymore lakorns. I wondered about her so much. I hope she’s okay. She had done a great job and I really like her. She cares and she’s very helpful. I once watched a lakorn she posted in veohs and it was my first time to watch there, so I don’t know how to proceed with it and i asked her. I was not expecting that she would reply, but then she did reply and it was fast. I was convinced then that she is a really nice person.

    Well, i will really miss her. I wish her well and good luck to her. God Bless her!!!

  8. lilithao says:

    Thanks so much to both of you!! Chobling was always one to fulfill requests and so are you. i know it’s hard on both of you, but thanks and keep up the good work AnothaiDara. and best of luck for Chobling.

  9. LALA says:

    That very sad that chobling would be no longer subbing. If it possible you can ask about Buang Banjathorn. I really want to download it. Please.

  10. Ginger says:

    Hi, AD, what is the special surprise about RLSR? I’ve been waiting to hear something since you twitted it two weeks ago. hehehe…

    Please let the RLSR fans know… We are waiting in anticipation!!

    Thanks for your hard work!!!!

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