Bird Thongchai – Ja Dai Mai Leum Gun [Won’t Forget Each Other]

Artist: Bird Thongchai
Title: Ja Dai Mai Leum Gun
English Title: Won’t Forget Each Other
Album: Best In Time OST
Year: 2009

The title of the movie is “Kwarm Jam San Thae Ruk Chan Yaao” which translates as “My Memory is Short-term, But My Love Is Extensive.”

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2 Responses to Bird Thongchai – Ja Dai Mai Leum Gun [Won’t Forget Each Other]

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  2. Roni says:

    Which makes it odd that many of us still have to remind SNP folk that the “commitment” to a rnrefeedum toward the end of this parliamentary term was in fact just a comment made in an interview, not a manifesto promise or a policy statement. Must this same tedious and tenuous line be brought up all the time? If there is nothing in the manifesto saying the rnrefeedum would be held towards the end of the parliament (and as Erchie points out below, the rnrefeedum DOES talk about getting the Scotland Bill out of the way first), then there’s also nothing to say it would be held within the first year. Manifestos are made up for entire parliaments, not just the first year. It’s up to the government’s discretion to decide the timetable for implementing the manifesto.So, why keep banging on about it? It just sounds like soor grapes.

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