Lydia – Plian (Change)

Artist: Lydia
Title: Plian (Change)
Album: Moving On
Year: 2008

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2 Responses to Lydia – Plian (Change)

  1. fahlee says:

    love her! thanks hun!

  2. Nallapothala says:

    Type your comment here It’s his , thguoh. And it’s unsustainable now, let alone in the spotlight of a referendum campaign. I want a yes vote, but their position on this and a number of other issues are, I believe, undermining the chances of a win.I’m glad someone else feels the same. I firmly believe that unless Salmond categorically rejects joining the Euro, it will seriously damage the referendum campaign, perhaps fatally. There is no point in saying oh its a few years yet or things have yet to be confirmed . The damage is being done now. It’s not obvious but any party which now hints at closer ties with Europe is asking for trouble.

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