Fai Chon Saeng (Eng Subs)

Fai Chon Saeng

Title: Fai Chon Saeng
English Title: Fire’s Glowing Light
Aired: 2009

Chompoo Araya – Fai Chon Saeng
Hum – Joot Mai Plai Taang Kaung Hua Jai

Unofficial Soundtrack
For a list of the songs played throughout the lakorn, click here.

Chompoo Araya Hargett as Wantagan/Tienwan
Great Warintorn Panhakarn as Chatchai
Chai Chattayodom Hiranyatithi as Natin
May Feungarom as Treepradap
Jason Young as Kemarath

Brief Summary

Note: I want to keep this summary as short as possible in order to avoid giving away any spoilers.
Wantagan (Chompoo) returns home to Thailand from America after her father passes away. She knows that her father was swindled, slandered, and murdered. She just needs to prove it. Her twin sister, Tienwan (Chompoo), also suspects the same, but is too afraid to vindicate herself. She is Natin’s (Chai) long time girlfriend and does not believe he or his family would betray them. Wantagan, on the otherhand, is determined to uncover the truth at all costs and leaves no one out as a possible suspect. She’s determined to avenge those who hurt her family. Subsequently, enemies (old and new) progressively grow more resentful of her and her actions. While everyone holds her in disdain, Chatchai (Great) yearns to understand her. He wants to be able to accept her for who she is, but is her personality too strong? Will she be able find justice for her father? If so, would it be worthwhile?

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28 Responses to Fai Chon Saeng (Eng Subs)

  1. kenni says:

    Love the movie and the soundtracks..thank you for posting it up for your readers/subscribers to enjoy.

  2. xoxo says:

    Wow, thanks for all your hard work on subbing this lakorn and also the dl links. It’s okay about the size of the file as long as there is something to dl and it’s in hq too. Loving this lakorn even though I took a sneak peek of the end. Not the greatest ending but it’s a good lakorn so whatever. Once again thank you so very much and I’ll be waiting for more.

  3. yvonne says:

    I love thai lakorn very much
    but mostly dunno where to download with eng sub

    however I prefer HQ hehehe
    willing to wait for my fav lakorn

  4. Emma says:

    Thank you soooo much for subbing this lakorn!!!
    Plus HQ DL links the size is fine ^^

    Thanks again for your hard work in subbing and uploading 😀

  5. Ana-c says:

    Thank you very very much for subbing FCS!!!!
    It’s a realy good choice!!!!!^^

  6. pang says:

    Yes, please continue to sub this lakorn. It’s sooo good and interesting. I check everyday to just to see you’ve sub it yet. please please sub this lakorn. Thanks.

  7. C says:

    Thanks for subbing! watching subbed lakorns in HQ are the best!!!
    i think i check almost everyday too to see if u’ve upload new episodes…lol 😛

  8. sugabear says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on subbing this lakorn and thank you for the download link I really appreciate it. =-)

  9. zgeneration says:

    yes, pls continue subbing..for as long as ther’s somethig is better than nothig..thanx..
    or maybe MQ is ok too..^^

  10. sofia says:

    I don’t mind about the file size since the quality is very good. Please continue subbing it. Thank you for sharing

  11. C says:

    Ohh, ep 8 dl links are up! Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  12. kaylee says:

    Thanks for upload for this drama.. I don’t mind the size as well. It really difficult to find lakorn with good quality… Thanks for this

  13. JD says:

    Wow! Thanks for subbing this lakorn.
    HQ is awesome. Thanks!

  14. puce says:

    Thank you very much for the episodes of this lakorn.
    It is gratifying to be able to download lakorn in ENG. and good quality
    Sorry for my English

  15. ht says:

    love you, you’re the best uploader.

  16. tse says:

    thx for sharing this lakorn…

  17. JD says:

    The HQ was awesome but, I was running out of space on my laptop. LOL!
    Thanks so much again.

  18. C says:

    i can’t say how much i appreciate your work! Thanks so much~~~ i really really can’t wait to finish watching this!

  19. xoxo says:

    thank you so much…totally appreciate your hard work.

  20. Brenda says:

    Thank You So Much For All Of Your Hard Work, It’s Very Appreciated =]

  21. alyn says:

    is it the download episode have eng sub?

  22. homeskillet says:

    OMG thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! <3333 … I've been trying to find this drama in subbed for a while now. ^^

    Jason Young is finally back in my life!!! <3333

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  24. Elena says:

    We would like ask your permission to use your subs for Fai Chon Saeng to translate this lakorn to Russian. Maybe you could share your softsubs with us or full video vith eng-hurdsub?
    If you agree please contact this e-mail Lenakonon2310@mail.ru
    Thanks for attention and a lot of thanks for your hard work.

  25. song says:

    could you teach me how to burn avi or wacth it because my little sister’s love this drama and she want me to download drama with eng sub ..^^..thank you..

    • AnothaiDara says:

      song, the easiest way is to burn it as a data disc. You can burn it into DVD format but it usually takes a long time to burn.


  26. MzLilee says:

    Thanks for subbing this lakorn and having it available for dl! The quality is amazing. After reading the comments here, I decided to I’d give it a chance. I love Great’s character, he’s so cute & funny! Chompoo also showed her array of acting skills. Definitely wasn’t disappointed in watching this lakorn. As always I think they dragged the lakorn on a bit at the end, but it still fits and keeps you interested to see how it all ends. I didn’t expect the ending at all! But once again, thank you for an such an awesome lakorn.

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