Namcha – Lak Kab Kan Dai Ruk Ter [In Exchange For Being Able To Love You]

Artist: Namcha
Title: Lak Kab Kan Dai Ruk Ter
English Title: In Exchange For Being Able To Love You
Album: Ruk Tae…Young Ngai
OST: Jija Deu Suay Doo (Raging Phoenix)
Year: 2009

The answer you’ve been searching for turns out to be futile
The feeling with love is merely a reflection of the moment
Then it’ll pass by along with days that have drifted away

But a certain someone…
Irrelevant to any rhyme or reason
Remains tightly lodged in my heart
Penetrating even deeper even though the truth is
We’ll never get to love each other

*All this time I knew who you love
All this time did you know that I love you?
You’re the one fate guided me to meet
But didn’t let you be mine
Hopeful beyond the disappointment
Smiling full of tears
Gather and save up the time that has passed by
Reserve them in my heart
Only letting them live in my dreams
In exchange for being able to love you

At times…
Some things in life get chaotic
The things we lose after receiving them
Makes our heart tell us to be protective of them

Repeat *

As long as I’m breathing
Please remember that I Will never not love you

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