Ying Thitikarn – Yom Jum Non Fah Din [Surrender to Heaven and Earth]

Artist: Ying Thitikarn
Title: Yom Jum Non Fah Din
English Title: Surrender to Heaven and Earth
Album: Pleng Ruk Jark Jai Ying
Year: 2009

Yahk dtor wah fah din tee hai rao pope jur
I blame Heaven and earth for allowing us to meet,
Dtae mai yom jap rao koo gan
But denying our union
Fah din jong jai glayng rao tur wah reu plao
Would you say they’re torturing us on purpose?
Tummai na tong haam ruk gan
Why is our love forbidden?
Kwarm mor som na reu tee yeun yao
Is it because we’re ill-suited to last?
Teung nai jai mun kaang,
Although my heart opposes this,
Soot tai, dtong yom jum non
In the end, I must surrender

*Gon tanon kong rao yaek gan
Before our paths diverge
Gon kwarm fun kong rao sin long
Before our dreams come to an end
Kae yahk pope gap tur suk hon,
I only wish to see you once more,
Sop dta eek krahng
Look into your eyes again

**Kae hai chun dai bauk tur suk kum
Just so I can say a few words to you
Poot nai wun tee jam; dtong jark
To speak of the day I’ll remember; our farewell
Yahk hai roo wah ruk tur mahk
I want you to know that I love you so much
Lae ja ruk, ruk dtalod pai
And I’ll love, love you forever
Gert chaht nee kae dai pope jur
We were only able to meet in this lifetime
Gert chaht nah koy fun gan mai
Let’s renew our dreams in the next lifetime
Wun nee jai salaai
My heart is shattered today
Yom jum non hai fah din yaek rao glai gan
I surrender to Heaven and earth tearing us apart

Paw jai laaw chai mai fah din
Is Heaven and earth satisfied yet?
Tee dai hen wah kon dtoy dtam
To witness an inferior person
Mun dtong jeb dtong chum dtong nam dta dtok
Crying in pain and suffering
Lohk bai nee mee kon mahk mai
This world is filled with so many people
Tummai dtong pen rao song kon yom jum non hai laaw
Why did we have to be the ones to surrender?
Wung wah kong por jai
I hope that they’re satisfied

Repeat *, ** twice

Kon ruk gan yai fah din teung mai kao jai
Heaven and earth didn’t sympathize with our love

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6 Responses to Ying Thitikarn – Yom Jum Non Fah Din [Surrender to Heaven and Earth]

  1. bao says:

    just want to say thank you for the translation for this song. love love this song so much… and now i finally understand what it means. your subs are superb.

    • Derek says:

      I love Ying Thitikarn so much I have sent for her album she is fantastic what a beautiful young singer she is

  2. younamoe says:

    I have been looking for both this song and English translation for a long time. Since I’m not Thai, I don’t know the name of this song.Therefore It was hard for me to get it. Finally, I get it because of you great job. Thank you very very much for the meaning, lyrics, and pronunciation for the song. You did a great great job. I love this song so much!!!

  3. BB says:

    Thank you for this translation, Now I know what my Thai girl friend is thinking when she listens to this song on her mobile phone. I am affraid it may not be over me, but over a past love 🙂
    But it’s okay, just want her to be happy.
    I enjoy listening to this song so much!

  4. Derek says:

    Ying Thitikarn she is a really beautiful young lady with a very very beautiful voice I love this song so much

  5. Rinkz says:

    Thanks alot .. i was finding this song from 15 days,,…I am not thai .. i am indian… i was heard this song in Pattaya. i love the beats and imotions of this song.. thanx aagin dat now i find english and thai lyrics..

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