Am Fine – Plian Faen Ngai Kwa [Easier to Change Girlfriends]

Artist: Am Fine
Title: Plian Faen Ngai Kwa
English Title: Easier to Change Girlfriends
Album: Drama
Year: 2009

You complain that you’re really embarrassed
To be walking with me
You like to compliment this and that person
Saying how they’re so much better than me
Before we started dating
What did you say?
You loved me for me, didn’t you?
Why have you forgotten that now?

*If I’m not good enough for you to love
Then why did you come love me?

**Changing me would be too hard
Wouldn’t it be easier to change girlfriends?
I suggest you go find a good person
Someone who will truly love you
And take care of you better than me
If she exists, I’d be happy for you to go love her instead

I just want you to think this over carefully
Can you love the same old me?
Or must I be like someone else?
In the past I yielded and endured so many changes for you
So have you ever taken any notice?
Please tell me

Repeat *, **

Repeat **

Whatever your expectations are,
This is all I can be
Say goodbye to me
If you see someone better, please hurry up and leave

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