Namcha – Ruk Tae…Young Ngai [True Love…What Is It?]

Artist: Namcha
Title: Ruk Tae…Young Ngai
English Title: True Love…What Is It?
Album: Ruk Tae…Young Ngai
Year: 2009

Oh love, oh love
I used to watch people being in love
I could only look at them
I keep observing, but I don’t understand
There’s no clear reason
What are the pros and cons?
This is what I observed
Love brings happiness in that way
Love brings pain in this way, and then what?

*What defines true love?
Is it the inside of our guts?
Or the nice pants we wear?
Is it our last names?
The make and model of our cars?
Is it because of wealth and having money to spend?
With true love, how is one suppsed to act?
Walk around in the mall together?
Be affectionate with each other
And not be mindful of other’s eyes
Since I don’t understand it
I’d rather not love anyone…

Since you’re interested,
Will you persuade me to try and love you?
I only ask that you answer what true love is
If you have a clear reason
To why we should love each other
If your answer sounds appealing
Then I’d like to know too
Then I’d like to try out love for once…

Repeat * twice

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One Response to Namcha – Ruk Tae…Young Ngai [True Love…What Is It?]

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