Knom Jean – Loek Kap Chan Dai Mai [Can You Break Up With Me?]

Artist: Knom Jean
Title: Loek Kap Chan Dai Mai
English Title: Can You Break Up With Me?
Album: Loveful
Year: 2009

If only I could refrain myself from picking up the phone
I answered as a relief to your loneliness everyday
I just thought that I was lonely too
Matters between you and I probably won’t escalate
I just came to realize
That deep down, I’m scared
Suddenly I felt what my carelessness has done
And now I have to make a decision
Because no matter what, you’ll still love her

*Can you please break up with me?
Because I can’t break up with you
I can see who you belong to
No matter how much I love you
I feel even more guilty inside because I know
When you must love her still
I’m begging for us to end once and for all

I can’t do it myself
I can’t let go
Because I’ve never loved anyone
As much as I love you
But if I insist on loving you now,
It wouldn’t be fair to her at all

Repeat * twice

This issue should be over for once

There are two parts to this video. Here’s the 2nd part.

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3 Responses to Knom Jean – Loek Kap Chan Dai Mai [Can You Break Up With Me?]

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  2. Stephanie says:

    What is Pop full name anyone know,he’s so cute:) Thanks in advance

  3. Sai Yang says:

    I love this song too! thanks for the sub:) u’re doing a wonderful job keep it up:)

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