Bodyslam – Kraam [Indigo]

Artist: Bodyslam
Title: Kraam
English Title: Indigo
Album: Kraam
Year: 2010

Leuk long tao rai gaw ying meut mon
The deeper you go, the darker it gets
Kon pai tao rai gaw ying sap son
The more you search, the more perplexing it gets
Suan leuk nai jai kon krai ja roo jing
Who knows the truth to the depth of a person’s heart?

Talay gwaang glai
The ocean is far and wide
Lae krai lao ja roo wah soot sen-kop-fah
So who can tell me where the horizon ends?
Dtrong tee paen num bpen bpra-gaai
Where the water glistens,
Leuk long ja jer arai
What will you find deep below?
Ja mee sing dai paai dtai paen num soot glai too saun yoo
Is there anything hidden underneath the surface?
Tee tur koey maung mun wah dee
You used to think that it was nice
Tur long maung hai dee dee
Try to look carefully
Long yoot maung lae long kit eek tee
Try to stop looking and try to reconsider
Tah haak took sing tee hen
What if everything that you see,
Tah haak tung moht nun bpen paab luang dtah
What if all of it is just an illusion?

*Talay saen glai mai mee sin soot
The ocean stretches far without an end
See kraam maai kwarm meuan jai ma-noot
Its indigo color resembles the heart of human beings
Mun leuk gern ja roo
It’s far too deep to grasp

**(Lae)Tur ja yoo reu pai
(So) Will you stay or go?
Suk wan tah kon tee tur koey wai jai
What if one day, the person you once trusted
Teung dton soot tai mai bpen yahng fan
Is ultimately different from the one of your dreams?
Mun mai mee arai suay ngaam
There’s nothing beautiful about it
Sing tee yoo kahng nai hua jai tee krai mai koey yang teung
The one place in our heart that no one ever fathoms,
Tah haak dtrong nun mun an-dta-raai tee soot
What if that’s the most dangerous place?
Ja mee krai kao jai kahng nai jai chun
Will there be someone to understand what’s inside my heart?

Fah ngot ngaam piang dai
No matter how beautiful the sky is,
Dtae yahng rai mun gaw dtong meut mon
It has to eventually darken
Mai wah krai
Regardless of who you are,
Dtong mee kwarm jing gep ao wai yoo nai jai kong kon
There must be a truth you’ve kept hidden within someone
Tur roo chai mai
You know that, right?
Kwarm jing gap kwarm fan tee yahng kon mai jer
A distinction between reality and dreams has yet to be found
Chun wun jai tah nai wan nun kwarm bpen jing mun pai tum raai tur
I’m worried that on that day, the truth will hurt you
Hai tur sia jai
And let you down

Repeat *, **

***Kwarm lap see kraam mai mee krai roo krai kao jai
Since no one knows or understands indigo secrets
Kum dtop chun keu krai fak fah talay meut mon
My reply is that someone made the sky and ocean dark
Kwarm ngaam tee hoht raai
A beauty which is so cruel
Kau piang krai kon neung
I only ask for one person,
Kon nun tee kao jai tee soot chun keu krai
For that person to understand who I am the most
Lae prom tee ja gaao pai
And be prepared to advance forward with me

Repeat **, ***

Krai gan tee prom ja gaao paan kwarm jing tee hoht raai
Who would be willing to advance towards such a cruel reality?

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2 Responses to Bodyslam – Kraam [Indigo]

  1. Melinda says:

    aw, the DL link for the song is unavailable.

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