Kala – Mai Hen Foon [Unseen Dust]

Artist: Kala
Title: Mai Hen Foon
English Title: Unseen Dust
Year: 2009

Bpen piang foon tee loy chah chah
I’m just the dust that’s drifting slowly
Laaw dtae sai lom ja paa
It’s up to the wind to lead me
Chun mai roo loey cheewit wan dtor mah mun ja bpen chen rai
I have no idea how the days ahead will turn out
Wan neung gert mee lom raeng raeng pat pai glai tur maak pai
One day a gust of wind blew me too close to you
Chun gaw roo dtua wah rop guan jit jai
Then I realized that I disturbed your heart
Tum hai tur ram-kaan
And caused you frustration

*Kon mun ruk gaw loey mah dtaam mah sai jai
It’s just that I love you, so I followed you to get your attention
Gaw kon nai jai kon diow kong chun keu tur
The only person in my heart is you

**Dtae tur mai mong sayt foon chen chun
But you don’t notice a dust particle like me
Yoo glai glai yahng ram-kaan nuk na
I keep my distance, yet you’re still extremely bothered
Ying mah loy glai chit sai dtah
As I get closer to your eyesight,
Mee dtae tum hai koon keuang
I’d only make you irritated
Tah haak wan dai kao glai gern pai
If one of these days, I move in too close
Yah pluk sai chun dtong garn kae piang
Don’t push me away, all I need is to
Aep mah loy aep mah karng kiang
Invisibly drift next to you
Mai dai wung hai hen
I don’t expect to be seen
Nai saai dtah
In your eyes

Bpen kwarm sook kae piang lek noy
It’s just a tiny piece of happiness
Tee dai glai tur yahng nee
To be close to you like this
Laaw tah suk wan tur pop kon tee dee
And if someday you were to find a good person
Chun gaw prom ja pai
I’ll be prepared to leave

Repeat *, ** twice

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