Punch – Poo Kror Raai [Victim]

Artist: Punch
Title: Poo Kror Raai
English Title: Victim
Year: 2009

Bahng ruang gaw kuan ja ploy waang
Some things should be put to rest
Chun gaw roo dee mai dai kaen mai dai fung jai
I know that well, I’m not resentful, I don’t take it to heart
Bahng ruang gaw kuan jot jam wai
Some things should be remembered
Ao wai dteun jai mai hai plang
Kept as a reminder as to not slip up
Mai hai pit eek sam sam
And repeat the same mistake over and over

Yahng chun…Long churah nai kum bahng kum jak tur nun
Like me…Easily trusted in the words that came from you

*Jeb dtang gee krang
How many times have I been hurt?
Dtang gee hohn gan
How many occasions has it been?
Soot tai ja mah hai rao bpen yahng derm
In the end we’re the same as before

**Yak dteun tur wah leum arai reu plao
I want to remind you, have you forgotten something?
Leum gaan gra-tum
Have you forgotten what you did?
Leum ruang rao tee lauk chun lae tum rai jit jai
Have you forgotten your deceptions that hurt me?
Tur kong leum arai laai yahng
You’ve probably forgotten several things
Jeung glap mah won kau hai meuan derm
So you came back to beg for things to be as they were
Dtae gap chun poo kror raai mai leum
But as I am the victim, I haven’t forgotten

Kum wah sia jai mai gee kum
Apologies are but a few words
Mun mai chot choey jai tee chum tee salaai pai
It can’t atone my heart which has been hurt and broken into pieces
Tur wah chun kuan ja siang dtai
You said I should risk dying
Eek suk tao rao jeung ja som kuan tee ja dai rian roo
How many more times would be appropriate for me to learn my lesson?

Meua chun…Long churah nai kum bahng kum jak tur nun
When I…Easily trusted in the words that came from you

Repeat *, ** twice

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