Bao We – Mai Mee Prayoht [There’s No Point]

Artist: Bao We
Title: Mai Mee Prayoht
English Title: There’s No Point
Album: Bao We Vol. 4
Year: 2009

Kae mah hen mai dai mah hah
I just saw you coming, you didn’t come to see me
Kae paan mah mai dai dtang jai
You just happened to pass by, it wasn’t intentional
Roo dee laaw wah yoo suan nai
Now I know where I’m placed
Yoo hahng glai hua jai kong tur
Far away from your heart

Ruk gaw ruk tur nuk na
I love you, love you so much
Mai koey glah mah pop tur
I’ve never dared to come see you
Roo dtua roo yoo samer
I’m aware, I’ve always been aware
Kop jai tur tee yahng mah tak gan
Thank you for still coming to greet me

*Mae ruang rao nai wan gao
Even though issues from the past
Yahng dtaam bpen ngao mai koey jahng hai
Still follow me as a shadow and have never faded

**Mai dtong song saan
There’s no need to pity me
Mai dtong kau toht
There’s no need to apologize
Mai dtong glua chun ja groht
You don’t need to fear that I’ll get angry
Chun mai toht krai
I don’t blame anyone
Tur dai dtut sin
You’ve decided,
Tur dtut sin jai
You’ve made your decision
Mai dtong rong hai
There’s no need to cry
Mai mee prayoht
There’s no point

P’Bao kong mai koo kuan
I’m probably undeserving
Hai tur nun sia num dtah
To have you waste your tears on
Teung jai mun dtong aun la
Although my heart must be exhausted
Mai koey mah kau rong hai hen jai
I’ve never begged for sympathy

Repeat *, ** twice

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3 Responses to Bao We – Mai Mee Prayoht [There’s No Point]

  1. Nika says:

    you have MV can to constriction Luang Kai,ขอบคุณเธอที่ให้ใจ ก๊อท จักรพันธ์ & ต่าย อรทัย,Nhon Pee Sua- NOO METER,พี สะเดิด,Bew Kalayanee? very please ^_^

  2. dv says:

    Please repost your song Nhon Pee Sua- NOO METER! I love that song and you left youtube no more video. please thank you!

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