Chin – Kon Tum Ma Dah [Ordinary Person]

Artist: Chin Indracusin
Title: Kon Tum Ma Dah
English Title: Ordinary Person
OST: Soot Sanaeha
Year: 2009

You don’t need to fear,
You don’t need to be anxious
You don’t need to be considerate
You don’t need to feel uneasy
The things that I’ve devoted to you,
I’ve never stressed over them
All I want is to simply look after you
I don’t need you to be interested in me
Constantly being close and worrying about you,
This makes me happy…Already

*I’m not hoping that you’d
Stoop down and take notice of an ordinary person
I’m not thinking to grab a star that’s up in the sky

**I’m just an ordinary person walking this earth
I hold no value, I’m not worthy
I’m no one special, unlike other people
All I’ve got is myself and my heart…
That I can give to you (That I’ve already given to you)

You don’t need to compensate me with anything
Just tell me what you need
I’ve never disputed that issue,
However difficult it would be

Repeat *, ** twice

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