Labanoon – Tao Derm [The Same]

Artist: Labanoon
Title: Tao Derm
English Title: The Same
Album: Siam Center
Year: 2005

I know that you still care
I know that you’re still flustered
I know that you didn’t want
To make our story end like this
Even though you’re distressed,
You still have to leave anyway
Quickly wipe the tears that you have
Consider it that you found someone better than me

*Don’t worry about anything
Follow the path of your dreams

**I’ll be fine here,
You needn’t worry about me
I had no one before
And I got through it
You found the person who’s the one
Please be well on your way
I might be hurting for a long time,
But I’ll probably be alright
I used to be all by myself
So it’ll just be the same
I just won’t have anyone left

How many times do we get
To walk on the path of our heart’s desire?
Now that you’ve found it, just proceed forward
You can choose what’s better for you

Repeat *, **

I can’t change your mind
You can’t force yourself, so just leave me
It might be hard to cope
I’ll probably be alright
I’m only losing you

Repeat **

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One Response to Labanoon – Tao Derm [The Same]

  1. jaokha says:

    ขอบคุณมากค่ะ Rock ya guys!

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