M Auttapon – Glied Tur Mai Long [Can’t Bring Myself To Hate You]

Artist: M Auttapon
Title: Glied Tur Mai Long
English Title: Can’t Bring Myself To Hate You
OST: Buang Rai Pai Ruk
Year: 2009

Teach me a little something,
So I’ll be enlightened
Teach me to contemplate,
So that I’ll be angry with you
Teach me to feel the pain I’ve encountered
Because I love you, I’m hurting like this

*Although I know, I just can’t do it
Even though I see the extent of your doing

**I can’t bring myself to hate you
Even though I want to hate you immensely
I can only hold it inside
And suffer to myself
Because I can’t be angry with you
No matter what, I’ll still love you
I can only constantly ask myself,
How am I supposed to quit loving you?

Although I should be angry, infuriated with hate
Although you’ve done several things to hurt me
Although I know that if I love you,
I’ll be sorry because you won’t even care

Repeat *, ** twice

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