Panadda – Kae Fun [Even My Dreams]

Artist: Panadda Ruangwut
Title: Kae Fun
English Title: Even My Dreams
Album: Dao Gradard
Year: 1997

I want to be the person at your side
I want to be someone important
I want you to know how I feel
Don’t you know I love you?
I realize everything, that in real life
It’s not possible to have you

*Close my eyes to dream,
I’d be satisfied if I could meet you
I wish you were in my dreams
But in my dreams, I still haven’t encountered you
You’re never there
Even my dreams are lonesome

If in your reality,
You’re with someone
And felt nothing towards me,
I’ll still love you anyway
Don’t be too heartless with me
I wish to have you in my dreams only

Repeat *

It’s painful to endure watching,
When you’re walking next to someone else
I secretly cry in devastation

Repeat *

Even in my dreams,
I still don’t have you

*Sorry about the video quality. I ripped this from VHS. Remember what those are? LOL. Anyway, this made me an instant fan of Panadda. Such a powerful voice.

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