Bird Thongchai – Pid Trong Nai [Where I Went Wrong]

Artist: Bird Thongchai
Title: Pid Trong Nai
English Title: Where I Went Wrong
Album: Dtoo Pleng Saman Prajam Baan
Year: 1999

I treat you well, I always do
At least I know that I do
I wanted you to see that I love you
I wanted you to remember
But then I encountered some heartbreaking words
I’m a great person
I’m a great friend
You tell me that I’m pleasant
You don’t consider it as love,
But you’re still gracious
We can remain friends as usual

*When you don’t love me, then don’t
It’s simply a response
At least I’ll know and understand
But you say I’m a good person
You regard me highly
But why don’t you love me?
I don’t know where I went wrong
In which I’ve become a wonderful person
A good person, and yet I have no one
I want to be vicious,
I want viciousness to let me experience love
I’d be content if one person wanted me

What will it take?
What should I do?
Tell me so that I’d know, just say it
In case there’s any way left
For us to love each other
Don’t let me be only a good guy

Repeat *

I’d be content if one person wanted me

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