Dr.Fuu – Khu Chiwit [Soulmate]

Artist: Dr.Fuu
Title: Khu Chiwit
English Title: Soulmate
Album: Jai Leua Leua
Year: 2008

If life must include the word, ‘love’
And everyone wants to be familiarized
How many people would be so fortunate?
Love, something people anticipate and look for
Will I find the person that fate inspired as my partner?

*And today I have you beside me holding my hand
Will this be neverending?
Or will we go our separate ways someday?

**Is it you?
Are you destined to be that person?
Now that we’ve met we can love each other
What a truly amazing gift
Can it be you?
I wish to be your soulmate
I wish to love you forever and ever
Please don’t separate our hearts, and split us up

For my one existence,
All I want is one person
However many times I’ll have to cry,
I’m happily ready to receive love
I long to find love
I long for someone to entrust
My life to up until my last breath

Repeat *, ** x 3

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