Tina – Bpaak Kaeng [Tight-Lipped]

Artist: Tina
Title: Bpaak Kaeng
English Title: Tight-Lipped
Year: 2009

Took wan dai pop sop dtah took tee tee jer
We make eye contact each and every time we run into each other
Gaw glap pai yim fao fun la-mer
I go back and smile while daydreaming
Gaw mun chop tur dtae mai koey glaa ja bauk
Well I like you, but I’ve never been bold enough to tell you
Gaw jai mai koey ja bpen arai yahng nee
Well nothing like this has ever happened to my heart
Dai kui gap tur gaw poot mai dee
I get to talk to you but I can’t speak so well
Dtae jit jai nee taep yahk ja kao pai got
But in my mind I almost want to reach out and hug you

*Gaw chun mai roo wah dtong tum yahng rai
Well I don’t know what I’m supposed to do
Kae mong aai aai peua tur roo, roo,
I’m embarrassed just looking at you lest you know, know,
Roo dtua wah tur keu kon tee chun aep…oh!
Realize that you’re the one that I secretly…oh!

**Yahk ja bauk wah ruk, poot mai bpen
I want to confess my love, I’m unable to speak
Yahk hai tur dai hen tur keu kon nun
I want you to see that you’re that person
Yahk hai tur dai roo laaw mah ruk gan
I want you to find out and then come love me
Dtae dtit yoo tee chun nun mun kon bpaak kaeng
But it’s still pending on me because I’m a tight-lipped person

Dtahng jai ja bauk hai tur dai roo wan nee
I intend to tell you and let you know today
Eut at nai jai dtong poot suk tee
I feel uncomfortable inside with having to say it
Gaw dern kao pai, chun mee arai ja bauk
So I walk up to you, I have something to say
Wah ngai sa-baai dee mai tur bpen yahng rai
What’s up? How are you? How’s it going?
Gam-lang ja poot reuang kwarm nai jai
I’m about to say what’s on my mind
Kae tur jong dtah tao nun gaw poot mai auk
You simply look into my eyes and I get tongue-tied

Repeat *, ** x 3

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