Bao We – Dta Sawang [Enlightened]

Artist: Bao We
Title: Dta Sawang
English Title: Enlightened
Album: Bao We: Vol. 4
Year: 2009

*Gaw mun seung leuk leuk paai nai jai
Well it leaves an impression deep down in my heart
Tee ruk tur laaw pit wung
In which I loved you and was disappointed
Tur hai wai kae sayt ruk tee leuan raang
All you gave me were remnants of an indistinct love
Kor kop jai tee tum hai dta sawang
So thank you for making me enlightened

Koey kit waa tur nun chai loey
I used to think you were the one
Lae kit waa tur nun ruk gan
And I thought that you loved me
Mai kit waa tur ja pliang plaeng ruk plan
Didn’t think you’d change and love in haste
Meua kon nun kao dern suan maa karng lang
When that person, he crept up from behind
Aep mee jai pai hai kao doie tee rao mai roo
You secretly had feelings for him without me knowing
Mai koey doo waa mee krai dtong rawang
It never seemed like I had to be suspicious of anyone

Repeat *

Ruk tang hua jai koey bauk gan
You told me you loved me with all of your heart
Tee tae waa mun gaw mai jing
In fact, that wasn’t true either
Chun mop tang jai hai peua tur pak ping
I entrusted my entire heart to you for refuge
Dtae glap ting meuan waa chun naa glied chang
But you discarded me as if I’m so detestable

**Jep tee rao mun toom jai pai hai tur moht loey
It hurts that I devoted myself to you completely
Gaw mai koey kit waa tur ja ting kwaang
Well I never thought you’d forsake me

Repeat *, **, *

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