Buachompoo Ford – Love Message

Artist: Buachompoo Ford
Title: Love Message
Album: Beautiful Moment
Year: 2004

Before, I might have thought
Might have thought
The word, ‘love’ isn’t as important
As the feelings, as the feelings
The feelings that we have for each other
Don’t be mad, don’t be mad
That I didn’t get to say it
I might have forgotten, might have been evasive
Causing you to go sulk often
And you might have thought that we were never in love

*(I want you to know)
Have I ever said that I’m in love with you yet?
How about I say it for you to hear?
Please just let me tell you how attached I am
Before we’re far apart
I want to say it so you could hear
That I love you
It may seem like I’m slacking, like I’m slacking
But perhaps it’s not too late to tell you now
Now that we have to be far apart

Don’t worry, don’t worry
Love doesn’t fear its route
If you get lonely at any time,
There’s no need to fear that I’m not thinking of you
I’ll send the love that I have to you everyday

Repeat * twice

I want to say it so you could hear
That I love you

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2 Responses to Buachompoo Ford – Love Message

  1. Mechatotoro says:

    Thank you very much for posting. I always wanted to understand this song.
    Khob khun krap.

  2. Mechatotoro says:

    I wished you did “Ther Tham Hai Chan Yue Nai Sieng Pleng” from Bright Side, too…

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