Pianismo – Hua Jai Tee Hai Pai [A Heart That Has Disappeared]

Artist: Pianismo
Title: Hua Jai Tee Hai Pai
English Title: A Heart That Has Disappeared
Album: Morph
Year: 2009

Dork mai tee tur hai wan gert,
The flowers you gave me on my birthday,
Gaard tee tur seua maa,
The card you bought for me,
Yahng wang kahng naligaa roop kong rao
They’re still placed by the clock with our picture
Gap raang tee tur chop pai boi,
With the restaurant you liked to frequent,
Dtoh tee taa see tao,
The table painted grey,
Dai mong tee rai, hua jai ying puat raao
Whenever I see them, my heart breaks even more

Gee wan tee tur hai pai
You’ve disppeared for so many days
Wan nee tur yoo tee dai,
Wherever you are now,
Reuang jing, chai mai, tur mai glap maa
It’s true, isn’t it? You’re not coming back
Ja jer gan eek meua rai
When will we see each other again?
Gee krang tee taam pai duay num dta
How many times will I question this in tears?
Beua dtua eng tee dtong bpen baep nee
I’m fed up with myself for having to be like this

Gee kon tee paan kao maa
How many people have passed through?
Gee krung tee paan pon pai
How many occasions have passed by?
Gap tur mai roo tummai yahng fung jam
With you, I don’t know why I still remember
Gee keun tee yahng fun reuang gao
How many nights have I been dreaming of the past?
Yahng mee tur meuan ngao
You still exist like a shadow
Het gaan yahng kong chut jayn mai plian pai
Events are still vivid and haven’t changed

Repeat *

Mae ruk gan maak tao rai,
Although we loved each other so much,
Dtae soot tai, keu dtong jaak gan
But in the end, we had to split up
Mae ja yaao naan tao rai,
No matter how long it’ll be,
Dtae jai chun ja ror jon wan soot tai
I’ll be waiting until the very last day

Repeat *

Ja yaao naan suk tao rai
How long will this last?
Reu dtong taam pai jon dtai
Or must I ask until I die
Yahng nee
Like this

There are two parts to this video. Here’s the 1st part.

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