Happy 2010

Hey Everyone,

Happy [belated?] New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and is doing well.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog, so here goes…

I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for over 2 years. That may seem like a small number, but it’s quite a feat for me. I’d started off with no subbing experience and had no idea where it would lead me or how long it would last. And now, 4 lakorns and nearly 300 music clips later, I’m glad to still be around. Despite the moments of agnst from time to time, this is one of the most gratifying hobbies I have.

What’s in stored for 2010?
Well, I’d like to start off by announcing that Chobling has returned to help me finish ACD and LK. 🙂 We might even work on another project together. Nothing set in stone yet. We’d like to just finish the two outstanding ones first. Needless to say, I am extremely happy and excited about this. I’m sure you all are too, since these lakorns will be rolling along at a steady pace now.

I plan to finish FCS this month. Yes, that means 6 episodes within the next 3 weeks. That’s a lot in my book, but I’m determined to get it done. It really helps keep me going to see that many of you are enjoying this drama.

I don’t have any plans to pick up another solo project just yet. I want to put my main focus on subbing music. There are still a lot of pending requests and I apologize to those whose requests I haven’t gotten to yet. I will try my best to fulfill them. Also, I’ll reopen the requests page once FCS is completed.

Are you still wondering about RTTW? Well, I will also work on that after FCS. The links should be up no later than March. Promise.

Well, I don’t have much else to share at the moment. Just wanted to check in.

Thank you for your continued patience and support. I couldn’t do this without you guys. Thank you!

Take care,

P.S. – Thank you for all the nice comments and messages. I hope you guys know that each one makes me smile. 🙂

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5 Responses to Happy 2010

  1. magnoy says:

    Happy New Year 2010
    ขอให้ทุกวันตลอดปีนี้เป็นวันนี้แสนดี และขอให้ทุกความหวังของเธอกลายเป็นความปรารถนา และทุกปรารถนานั้นขอให้พลันเป็นจริงสุขสันต์วันปีใหม่นะ!

  2. ciiks says:

    AD, you are awesome!
    Keep up the good work;
    you have done an amazing job
    subbing lakorns and mvs!

    I am totally looking forward to seeing what you have in store for your next projects. And I cannot wait til RTTW is up! 😀

    &Have a great year!

  3. missironic says:

    Happy to know that u’ll be finishing LK! Can’t wait!! Keep us update! 😀

  4. C says:

    Happy (belated) New Year 2010!
    U’ve done a really great job esp with subbing the lakorns, i really appreciate it since it’s not easy to find eng subs lakorns around (those with direct dl links)
    anyway, will u upload RLSR’s dl link to the last episode?
    i dont even know how to sub videos, but i am planning to learn the thai language first, then probably try out subbing?
    anyway, i really admire u and im very thankful that u spend your time and effort in subbing the lakorns and the music clips!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH~ do know that your work is greatly appreciated! 🙂

    have a great day~

  5. Riccy says:

    Hi, i just found your website, its great that you made english subs for all those songs and movies, tyvm / kop khun krap !


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