Oiy Kraton – Rao Ruk Gan Mai Dai [We Can’t Love Each Other]

Artist: Oiy Kraton
Title: Rao Ruk Gan Mai Dai
English Title: We Can’t Love Each Other
Album: Naam Dta Mai Laai Keun
Year: 2009

Kau wan nee hai jop gan,
Please let us end today,
Kwarm sam-pan dtong glai haang
Our relationship must be kept at a distance
Rao mai kuan dern ruam taang
We shouldn’t walk in the same direction
Keun hua jai hai gap kao
Return your heart to her
Dee yoo laaw, tur gap kao kiang koo gaai
It’s a good thing, you and her at each other’s side
Ja hai chun yoo dtrong nai
Where would I be placed?

*Pit tee chun ruk tur leua gern
It’s my fault for loving you too much
Soot ja haam jai
It’s beyond my control
Hai chun tum yahng rai
What should I do?
Dtae waa rao ruk gan mai dai
But we can’t love each other
Jep puat tao rai dtae chun dtong dtat jai
No matter how painful it is, I have to let go
Ja kau dern jark pai dtaam taang
Please let me walk away from this path

Mae wan nee dtong puat jai,
Even though I must now face heartache,
Ton naao gaai yahng dee gwah
I’d rather put up with being cold
Yom rap kwarm jing paan maa
I accept the truth from the past
Gleun naam dta peua kom jai
I’ll swallow my tears to suppress my feelings
Gor pror kao mee dtae tur kiang kaang gaai

It’s because she has only you by her side
Mai yahk bpen kon tum laai
I don’t want to be the one to destroy that

Repeat *

Kae mong hen tur glai glai chun gaw sook jai
Just to see you from a distance makes me happy
Dai hen tur yoo dee
I can see you just fine
Tee dai aep ruk
I get to love you in private

Repeat * twice

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