Prik Thai – Chuea Jai [Trust]

Artist: Prik Thai
Title: Chuea Jai
English Title: Trust
Album: The Series
Year: 2009

Tell me you don’t love me
Say it clearly so I can hear it
Say it nice and loud to break my entire heart
And then I’ll leave if you’re upset just because of this

*Tell me you’re not jealous
Even when you see me arm in arm with another
Tell me to go wherever I please
That I don’t need to come back
I only ask that you please say it firmly
You can’t do it, can you?

**You choose not to trust the one you love
You choose to only listen to other people’s words
Please wake up for once, sweetheart
Look me in the eyes before you leave
I’ll do every thing to restrain you
I know you love me
You still love me

Repeat *, **

How much longer are we going to torture ourselves?
Let’s reconcile, please
I know, I know you still love me

Repeat **

I only ask that you don’t leave
Stay with me
Don’t end this even while we still love each other

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