Rose Sirintip – Kwarm Ruk Bung Tah [Love Shield Your Eyes]

Artist: Rose Sirintip
Title: Kwarm Ruk Bung Tah
English Title: Love Shield Your Eyes
Album: Rose Show
Year: 2008

Pra-yot arai tee young kong fun tau
What’s the use in continuing this dream?
Mun jeb gurn pai tee hai tur fow raw
It’s far too painful to keep you waiting
Mur ruk taung dern taang eek glai
When love has journeyed further away
Mur fun mai pai prom kwarm jing
When our dream doesn’t coincide with reality
Gaw roo tua eng wah young kong dee mai paw
I realize that I’m still not good enough for you

Mai mee arai tee kuan mee suk yahng
I don’t deserve to have anything
Gaw wun nai jai mur mee tur ruam taang
I get nervous inside when we’re together
Chee-wit kon neung tee aun ae pai pae mah jon mai lurah jai
So feeble and defeated that I’ve hardly any feelings left
Proong nee kaung tur young eek glai
You still have a long future ahead
Yah jom yoo gub chun lerei
Don’t submerge it with mine

*Yah tum rai tua eng doai yaum hai kum wah ruk bung tah
Don’t torture yourself by letting love shield your eyes
Gep chee-wit tee lurah kaung tur hai kon tee dee kow mah
Save the rest of your life for the best to come
Mai mee taang tee chee-wit chun koo kuan hai tur wai jai
There’s no way that I deserve your reliance
Gaw roo wah ruk nun ying yai, tae kong mai mee kwarm mai
I know that love is grand, but it’d be meaningless
Mur chee-wit tee lurah kaung chun mun pen kae parb luang tah
When the rest of my life is so misleading
Pid laaw tee tur taung garn kow mah pur faag hua jai
It’s wrong that you’re only seeking refuge for your heart
Yah yin yaum hai kum wah ruk kum diow mah pit hua jai
Don’t let love be the one factor closing off your heart
Chee-wit tur taung rerm ton mai
You need to start your life over
Yah ton gub kon yahng chun eek lerei
Don’t hang on to with someone like me anymore

Kong pid nai jai tah young deung rung tur
I’d feel guilty if I continued to hold you back
Ying yoo gun pai dee tae tum rai tur
Procrastinating would only be good for hurting you
Chee-wit dee dee keu eek taang
A better life is another route
Trong nee lern rahng gurn karm pai
This one is far too vague to overcome
Tee ruk gun mah gaw kaub jai,
I’m grateful for the love you’ve given me,
Tae mun kong mai koom lerei
But it wouldn’t be worth your while

Repeat * twice

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One Response to Rose Sirintip – Kwarm Ruk Bung Tah [Love Shield Your Eyes]

  1. Pekka Sarkakari says:

    Most I like the way Rose sing. Her voice is so warm and I like the way she use her voice.
    I have heard better melodies from Rose but always when I hear her singing, I just stop and listen. She is a great singer. Thank you Rose 🙂

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