Punch – Prahgotgarn Tummachart [Natural Phenomenon]

Artist: Punch
Title: Prahgotgarn Tummachart
English Title: Natural Phenomenon
Album: Prahgotgarn Tummachart (Natural Phenomenon)
Year: 2009

The two of us, how did the two of us fall in love?
Even after we’ve thought about it, it’s complicated
We have nothing in common
Searching, we all eventually find what we’re searching for
We deliberate the reason, but now we’re more dumbfounded
We can’t seem to find a single reason

It’s not the love I was looking for
But it doesn’t matter
This love isn’t like the one in my dreams,
Or like the ones in plays
I don’t know what it is

*Could it be a natural phenomenon that brought us together?
I don’t think that’d be far-fetched
If me and you were to love each other
If me and you were to love each other

So do you, so do you think the same way I do?
I think you’re baffled too,
You don’t know either, am I right?
But it’s gotta have its own rationale
So with us, so how long will we love each other?
Heaven probably doesn’t know either because no one knows
We’re the only two who understand it

It’s not the love we were looking for
But we found this one
I’m not dreaming, I’m not hallucinating
But this is real
I don’t know why

Repeat * twice

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