Bodyslam – Yah Pit [Poison]

Artist: Bodyslam
Title: Yah Pit
English Title: Poison
Album: Save My Life
Year: 2007

Simple words, yet they carry a powerful meaning
Simple words that you use frequently
Over and over again…
A calculated thought that comes off as thoughtless
Do you realize whose life will be afflicted?

*Fatally painful
Life in turmoil
Thinking it was real
Blinded by faith
With your evil confessions

**Blaring that you love me, blaring that you miss me
But you were never serious, never sympathized
Never made me aware, never made me see
Never cared who’s dead or alive
Your thoughtless confessions in actuality are poison
Destroying a gullible person’s life

***Did it ever occur to you?
Did you ever consider that there’s someone suffering?
Or how potent your poisonous words can be…

Those simple words that you used on me
You should know the significance in their conviction

Repeat *, **, ***

Millions of deceitful words haunt my heart
Sketching a paradise in the distant sky
Entirely augmented by someone’s words
So where does the truth lie?
Believing in deceptive words, in the end you’ll be sorry
You learn the real world keeps spinning
Evaluate and think it over within yourself
Let time be the judge of your heart

Repeat **

Did it ever occur to you?
Ever occur to you?
The words that you repeatedly say
Your deceptive love
Your deceptive love
Has left someone to suffer
Your poisonous words

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2 Responses to Bodyslam – Yah Pit [Poison]

  1. Wilawan Chaiyapo says:

    very nice song

  2. Rafli Andianto says:

    Where can I download this song?

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