Groove Rider – Yoot [Freeze]

Artist: Groove Rider
Title: Yoot
English Title: Freeze
OST: Pid Term Yai Hua Jai Waa Wun (Hormones)
Year: 2008

I sit and smile by myself
Laugh by myself
More elated than all the other times in the past
Ever since I met you
My reality and dreams
Occurred simultaneously and instantly

*I want to freeze this moment
From the very second that you came into my life
You made this weary person
Brave enough to open his heart

**Freeze, freeze life
Freeze it with you
No matter how great anyone else is
Freeze, freeze all the love in my heart
I’ll freeze it to be with only you

I knew immediately, and fell in love immediately
You’re the good fortune that entered my life
Ever since I met you
My life resembled a dream
That’s taking place with my eyes open

Repeat * & **

It’s frozen right here
It’s already frozen

Repeat ** until end

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