Wan Lady Killers – Wah Laaw [I Knew It]

Artist: Wan Lady Killers
Title: Wah Laaw
English Title: I Knew It
OST: Pid Term Yai Hua Jai Waa Wun (Hormones)
Year: 2008

If you’re still adamant on ending it here
If there’s still no other option
If I made things hard on you
If putting up with me annoys you
If you can’t oppose your heart
If it’s your wish,
I’ll have to go since I still love you

*I knew it…
That day I shouldn’t have confessed
The things in my heart that you’d rather not know
I knew it…
The close relationship we had
Has now turned unfriendly

I long to forget you
I can still handle this
But the fact remains,
I still bemoan things I can’t shake off from the past
I only wish to forget one thing,
What I confessed to you that day
I told you that I love you

Repeat * twice

We’ve turned into people who don’t trust each other
If I had known it’d be like this…
I might not have confessed

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