Yarinda – Kae Dai Kid Teung [Just Being Able to Think of You]

Artist: Yarinda
Title: Kae Dai Kid Teung
English Title: Just Being Able to Think of You
Album: Yarinda
OST: Dear Galileo
Year: 2001

Ever since we parted and became distant
There were so many reasons,
But nothing matters as much as the feelings
That I’ll save for you in my heart
Each time we ran into each other in the past,
Or by chance, I’d hear news of you
That’s the best feeling I’ll always look forward to

*The horizon that we sat and watched at that time
Still bears meaning
As I stare at the trees and streams, I miss you even more
My life without you now still moves forward
I’m content in just being able to think of you

As I pick up the picture
Of us with our arms around each other’s necks
I can only smile at it with delight
And I still regret losing you all this time
When I hear the songs you enjoyed listening to,
I still secretly tear up each time
Excess time makes me feel like I have no one left here

Repeat * twice

And I will be thinking of you forever

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One Response to Yarinda – Kae Dai Kid Teung [Just Being Able to Think of You]

  1. dante araujo quispe says:

    hola danvid se que te gusta este video

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