Alexandra & Weir – Bor Hoo Pen Yang [I Don’t Know Why]

Artists: Alexandra Bounxouei & Weir Sukollawat
Title: Bor Hoo Pen Yang
English Title: I Don’t Know Why
OST: Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong
Year: 2007

Bor hoo pen yang hen naa naang hua jai aai san
I don’t know why, but my heart shakes whenever I see you
Bor hoo keu gan reu pen sawan sang maa
I don’t know either, perhaps this is Heaven’s bidding
Aai gep jai wai bor koey hak phai dauk naa
I’ll reserve my heart and never love anyone else
Bor seua aai waa,
I don’t believe what you say,
Yaan dtua hai nong hong-hai
I’m afraid you’ll make me cry
Aai wao jark jai,
I’m speaking from my heart,
Nong ngaam dung naang nai fan
You’re beautiful, just like the woman of my dreams
Yaa maa wao waan,
Don’t sweet-talk me,
Yaan hak laaw aai plieng jai
I’m afraid you’ll change your mind once I love you
Aai hai sunya si hak jao hoht meua dtai
I give you my promise I’ll love you until I die
Jam kum aai wai,
Remember your words,
Fah din hai pen pa-yaan
Heaven and earth will be my witness

*Hak aai bor nong
Do you love me, dear?
Nong bauk bor dai
That I can’t say yet
Kau wayla jai dai hian hoo seung gan lae gan
Please allow us time to learn and get to know each other
Si ror wan nun,
I’ll wait for that day,
Wan hak song hao sook san
The day when our love will be fulfilled
Gee bpee gee wan,
No matter how long it’ll be,
Nong nun bor mee plian jai
I won’t have a change of heart
Hua jai mee raeng soo dtor pai bor mee wai wan
My heart has the strength to go on without ever wavering
Peua hak hao nun, nong nee kau pen haeng jai
For the sake of our love, may I be your support?
Wan dai aai tau, kau yim waan waan dai mai
Whenever I’m discouraged, would you smile sweetly for me?
Nong kau song jai hai aai dai took wayla
I can send you my love at any time

Repeat *

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