Flavour – Kon Koey Ruk Tee Yahng Pook Pun [The One I Once Loved Who Still Has My Heart]

Artist: Flavour
Title: Kon Koey Ruk Tee Yahng Pook Pun
English Title: The One I Once Loved Who Still Has My Heart
Album: Stylesimo
Year: 2008

Hello, nan keu tur chai mai
Hello, is that you?
Jam chun dai reu mai
Do you remember me?
Tee rao koey ruk gan
We were once in love
Taun nee lap dta naun reu yahng
Have you gone to bed yet?
Suan chun yahng dta sawang
As for me, I’m still wide awake
Loey yahk toh pai haa tur
So I just wanted to give you a call

*Sabai dee reu plao
How are you doing?
Gub kao yahng dee yoo mai
Are things still going well with her?
Toht tee na toh pai wun wai
I’m sorry to call and unnerve you
Gaw jai mun haai tee taung chai cheewit doi mai mee tur
But my heart disappeared when I had to live my life without you

**Hai chun toh pai dai mai
Is it okay for me to call?
Rop guan arai reu plao
Am I interrupting anything?
Mai kid top tuan reuang gao,
I’m not trying to revisit the past,
Taun tee rao koey ruk gan
To when we were in love
Wan lang toh pai dai mai
Is it okay to call you later?
Bauk kao chuay hen jai yaa waa gan,
Tell her to please sympathize and not to blame you,
Kon koey ruk tee yahng pook pun
The one I once loved who still has my heart
Kid teung jon mun taung toh pai rop guan
I missed you to the point I had to call and bother you

Wan nee paan moom derm kong rao
Today, I passed by our old corner
Ying kid teung wan gao gao
Making me reminisce more about the past
Loey ying ngao pai tung wan
And so I was even lonelier all day
Mai kau hai auk maa pop gan
I’m not asking you to come out and see me
Kae kau wayla san san
I’d just like a brief moment
Paw baeng pan dai mai tur
Would you be able to spare some time?

Repeat * & **

Ja paan pai naan suk tao rai
How much time has passed by?
Kwarm jing nai jai, paap tur mai koey ja lop leuan
The truth in my heart, your image has never faded away

Repeat **

Kae kooey mai naan hai klai ngao jai
Let’s just have a short conversation to relieve my loneliness

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One Response to Flavour – Kon Koey Ruk Tee Yahng Pook Pun [The One I Once Loved Who Still Has My Heart]

  1. Xinying says:

    Sawadee, ^^.
    I’m from singapore, I love Thai love/sad songs you’ve been updating on YouTube& wordpress. Mind adding me on msn? Keen to learn Thai language from you, I know the basics.

    Khop khun mak.

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