Tina – Hot Pai Mai [Isn’t It Too Cruel?]

Artist: Tina
Title: Hot Pai Mai
English Title: Isn’t It Too Cruel?
Year: 2010

Pid trong tee dai
What did I do wrong?
Grot gun ruang dai
What are you mad at me about?
Ja taam tur tow rai gaw mai taub
You won’t answer no matter how much I ask you
Beua chun laaw reu plow
Are you already tired of me?
Mot ruk laaw reu rai
Have you run out of love for me?
Tur plien pai jon chun kaung jai
You’ve changed to the point I’m suspicious
Tah tee hern hahng baht glarng hua jai chun
Your aloof attitude is splitting my heart in half
Ying nup wun ja hai jai mai auk
I’m suffocating as the days go by
Chuay hun mah fung noy
Please turn around and listen to me
Gaw roo wah chun kauy
You know that I’m waiting on you
Dai prot yah tum meuan chun rai tua ton
Please don’t act like I’m invisible

*Ton gep set hua jai tee tag
Trying to save the pieces of my heart that have broken off
Bag rub ruang took yahng,
Carrying everything on my shoulders,
Bag rub ruang tee mai dai gau ow wai
Shouldering problems that I didn’t even create
Taung tit yoo gub kwarm kid tit jai gub kum taam
I’m trapped in my thoughts with pending questions
Tur nun pen arai
What’s the matter with you?

**Jep pai mai
Isn’t it too hurtful?
Hot pai mai
Isn’t it too cruel?
Tum meuan kon ja pai
You act as if you’re going to leave
Mai care wah krai ja gerb tai
You don’t care who’s about to die
Chuay bauk gun suk kum hai chun pur jai wai
Please say something so that I can brace myself
Mae mai prom hai pai,
Even though I’m not ready to let you go,
Ja fung tur dui dee
I’ll listen to you carefully
Ja fung tur dui dee
I’ll listen to you carefully

Glai tur tow rai, ying doo meuan glai
As I get closer to you, you seem to drift further away
Kwai kwah tur tow rai, gaw ying hahng
The more I try to hold on to you, the more distant you become
Charng meuan lok wahng plow,
The world feels terribly empty,
Nep now tung hua jai
While my heart is freezing
Mae tae la wun chun mee tur kiang gai
Even though I have you next to me every day

Repaet * & **

Tur tum hai ruang kaung tur job pai
You brought this end upon yourself
Tur leum wah lurah krai yoo
You’ve forgotten who you still have left
Mun taung tau-ra-mahn meun ngong mai clear nai jai
It’s painful when my confusion isn’t cleared up in my heart
Mun too-ron-too-rai
It’s making me restless

Repeat **

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