Tina – Lom Hai Jai Soot Tai [Final Breath]

Artist: Tina
Title: Lom Hai Jai Soot Tai
English Title: Final Breath
Year: 2010

*Tae soot tai rum raung riek hah kae nai,
But in the end, no matter how much I call out to you,
Tur kong mai keun glub mah
You won’t be coming back
Sing tee lurah gaw keu num tah tee young lai mah
The only thing remaining are my tears that have been flowing
Mur tur jark pai
Eever since you left
Dai tae wung suk krung, chun kau dai mai
I’m hopeful that just once, may I ask of it?
Kau yaun waylah glub pai
Ask to turn back the hands of time
Tae chun ja tum young ngai
But what am I going to do?
(Mur hua jai chun tai pai prom tur)
(When my heart died with you)

Nung yoo trong nee hua jai baub chum
I sit here with a wounded heart
Parb gow young yum sum term jit jai
Old memories keep making things worse
Hua jai sa-laai
My heart has disintegrated
Leeow hah tow rai mai jur
Whichever way I turn, I can’t find it
Mur taung mai mee tur,
When I have to be without you,
Chun ja dern tau pai yahng rai
How am I supposed to carry on?

**Mun job laaw
It’s over already
Tur jark pai san glai
You’ve gone so far away
Tum took yahng laaw
I’ve done everything already
Pur chood rung mai hai jark pai
To hold you back and keep you from leaving

Repeat *

Taung naan kae nai
How long will this last?
Chun ja ton dai mai
Will I survive?
Ja taung tum yahng rai mur jai mai leum
What am I supposed to do when I can’t forget?
Tur yoo tee nai
Where are you?
Young raung hai, young ton glum gleun
I’m still crying, yet persevering
Young taung ton taung feun
I still have to force myself to endure
Young taung dern tau pai hai wai
I still have to pull through

Repeat ** & *

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