Tina – Mai Chai Kon Aun Ae [Not A Weak Person]

Artist: Tina
Title: Mai Chai Kon Aun Ae
English Title: Not A Weak Person
Year: 2010

Mai dtong maa jer, mai dtong maa kae doo lae arai
You don’t have to come see me, you don’t have to care or look after anything
Gaw paw gun tee, yaa tum dtua dee dton nee saai pai
I’ve had enough, don’t act so nice now that it’s too late
Mai dtong tum bpen ruk meuan derm, chun sia wayla
You don’t have to pretend you still love me, you’re wasting my time
Ja jay-ra-jaa hai neuay tummai
Why negotiate just to wear ourselves out?

*Ai pra-yohk derm derm tee tur urie bpaak
That typical speech that comes out of your mouth
Waa yahng ruk lae yahng huang samer
Saying that you’ve always loved and cared about me
Taa mun mai jing gaw mai dtong bauk gaw dai
If it’s not true, then you’re not required to say it

**Proht yaa kit waa chun nun ja aun ae meuan krai
Please don’t think that I’ll get weak like anyone else
Lae yaa kit waa chun nun ja jep soot hua jai
And don’t think that my heart is deeply hurt
Yahk ja bauk hai roo suk nit, chee-wit chun gaw mee kwarm mai
I’d like you to know one thing, my life is meaningful too
Mai tu-ron-tu-raai praw ruk tee tur dai ting mun pai
I’m not tossing and turning over the love you’ve thrown away

Jahk wan bpen deuan jahk deuan bpen bpee, paw tee gap tur
From days to months, from months to years, I’ve had enough with you
Ja pai jer krai ja tum arai tee nai gaw chern
Be my guest and go see whoever and do whatever you want
Bang-ern jep kae nee mai tum hai chun dtong dtaai
It just so happens that this much pain won’t cause me to die
Tur eng tum laai kwarm aun wai
You’re the one who destroyed my weakness

Repeat *, **

Sia wayla taa hahk mai ruk gaw mai dtong lauk
It’s a waste of time, if you don’t love me, then there’s no need for deception
Mai dtong maa son jai arai tee tur mai ruk
You don’t have to take interest in something you don’t love

Repeat **

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