Dan Worrawech – Kor Rong [I’m Begging You]

Artist: Dan Worrawech
Title: Kor Rong
English Title: I’m Begging You
Album: Blue
Year: 2009

Meuan hua jai mai leua jai
It’s like my heart no longer has feeling
Poot kum diow keu tur ja pai tao nun
All it took was you saying you’re leaving
Meuan ngaai daai
Like it’s so simple
Meuan hua jai mai koey chai kum waa ruk duay gan
As though our hearts never expressed love for each other

*Chun tum pit tee dai
Where did I go wrong?
Dai dtae taam dtua eng yahng nun
I can only question myself like this
Mai koey ja mai ruk tur suk wan
I’ve never not loved you, not even for a single day
Dtae gam-lang ja dtong rong-hai
But I’m on the verge of breaking down

**Yaa ting gan pai dai mai
Please don’t leave me
Tur roo chun yoo mai wai
You know that I won’t be able to live
Lohk kong dtaek sa-laai
My world will shatter into pieces
Na-tee tee mai leua tur
The very minute you’re no longer a part of it
Kon tee ruk tee soot, kon tee ruk samur
The one I loved the most, the one I’ve always loved
Mot cheewit tee hen meua dai gaw bpen kong tur
My entire life that you see before you, at any time, it’s yours
Yaa pai jark trong nee, yaa pai jark kon nee
Don’t walk out of here, don’t walk out on me
Chun glua, chun glua prung nee
I’m afraid, I’m afraid of tomorrow
Ja mai mee raeng haai-jai
I’ll lack the strength to even breathe

Pror hua jai mai leua krai
Because my heart has no one left
Pror chun mee piang tur kon diow tao nun
Because you’re the only one I’ve ever had
Kor rong tur
I’m begging you
Kor rong tur
I’m begging you
Song saan chun tuh, yaa pai jark chun
Sympathize with me, don’t leave me

Repeat *, ** twice

Yaa ting chan pai dai mai
Please don’t leave me

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