Maleewan Jemina – Sai Sumpun [Connection]

Artist: Maleewan Jemina
Title: Sai Sumpun
English Title: Connection
OST: Yok Lai Mek
Year: 2009

Gee pun poo paa mai aht yoot yung
A thousand mountains can’t stop me
Gee meun sai taan mai aht kwarng gun
Ten thousand streams can’t obstruct us
Gee pee pon pee mai aht plien pun
The countless years can’t change me
Kwarm ruk ja young mun kong
My love will remain firm
Gee kwarm pid plung young hai apai
Countless mistakes can still be forgiven
Gee kwarm raun jai young dub maud long
Countless woes can still be absolved
Mur gert sai yai rawarng jai kon
When a bond has formed between our hearts
Tut gun mai long,
Our ties can’t be severed,
Mai kard jark gun
We can’t be separated

*Tau hai hon taang ja praag hai row hahng glai,
Even if our paths diverge and split us far apart,
Tae mee sai yai pun pook num row keun mah
We’re bonded with attachments that will reunite us
Dui sai sumpun hang ruk, nee keu cha-tah
A connection based on love, this is our destiny
Hai row gert mah koo gun,
We were born to be each other’s soulmate,
Yoo ruam far din
Living amongst Heaven and earth

Gee wun tee tau,
Countless days I’ve been disheartened,
Gaw mai koey toy
But I’ve never retreated
Gee wun tee kauy glub mah pob gun
I’ve waited countless days for us to meet again
Gee pee pon pee mai yaum plien pun
The countless years won’t change me
Ja tor-ra-nong mun kong nai ruk
I’ll be prideful and confident in love

Repeat * 3x

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