Gam The Star (Feat. VieTrio) – Ruk Pae…Mae Glai Chit [Love Loses…Despite The Closeness]

Artist: Gam The Star (Feat. VieTrio)
Title: Ruk Pae…Mae Glai Chit
English Title: Love Loses…Despite The Closeness
Year: 2010

Gaw hen krai bauk,
I’ve witnessed people saying,
Young ngai ruk tae gaw pae glai chit gun
No matter what, true love loses to closeness
Yim took wun,
I smile every day,
Mun jai wah tung ruk jing lae glai tur
Confident in both our genuine love and closeness
Fao bpen huang
Watching over you with concern
Doo lae ao jai reuay mah meuan ngao tur
Looking after you and pleasing you like a shadow
Wung samer wah rao ja ruk gun reuay pai
I’ve always been hopeful that we’d love each other endlessly

*Laaw tur gaw pai gub kao
And then you left with her
Mai neuk mai fun jing jing
I never thought or imagined it’d really happen
**Ying yoo glai tur mark tao rai
The closer I get to you
Ying yum wah pae tao nun
The more it reiterates my defeat
Tur maung kon glai sum-kun
You value the person you see in the distance
Kon glai tua yahng chun tur maung karm pai
But see right through me, the person next to you
Kon yoo dtrong nee karng karng tur
The person here at your side
Dai jur tae kwarm chum jai
Is only able to experience pain
Joot job kaung chun gaw keu dtong pae
My finale ends with me having to lose
Teung mae glai chit tur
Despite my closeness to you

Mai lurah suk yahng
I have nothing left
Nee reu plai tahng kaung garn toom tay jai
Is this the purpose of devotion?
Glai gern pai
I got too close
Ja dee kae nai tur gaw mai koey hen
You never appreciated how good I was
Ruk tao rai
I love you so much
Sa-taun nai dta kaung tur mai chut jen
But the reflection in your eyes isn’t clear
Tur glub hen kon nun tee kao yeun glai glai
So instead you notice her, the one standing far away

Repeat * / **

Tur saun hai chun kao jai took yahng wun nee
You’ve taught me to understand everything today
Ruk tae lae kwarm glai chit tee mee,
True love and closeness that we have,
Cha-na jai tur mai dai
Can’t win over your heart

Repeat **

Ying glai tao rai, ying pae
The closer I get, the more I lose
Kao jai wun nee eng
I finally understand it now

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