Grand The Star – Gep Wai Nai Hua Jai [Treasured Deep In My Heart]

Artist: Grand The Star
Title: Gep Wai Nai Hua Jai
English Title: Treasured Deep In My Heart
OST: Yahk Yoot Tawan Wai Tee Plaai Fah
Year: 2009

Duang tawun tee koey dai saung sang suay ngarm
The sun that shines its light so beautifully
Gaw young mee waylah dtong hai lup pai jark kaub fah
In time, has to eventually set into the horizon
Mun gaw kong meuan ruk kaung rao,
It’s no different than our love,
Tee mee wun waylah tee sarn dee
Which consists of wonderful moments
Tae eek mai naan, gaw dtong mot long meung gan
But before long, it’ll gradually disappear too

*Mee sing diow tee jai chun glua
There’s only one thing that I fear
Keu proong nee mai jer nah tur meuan gao
Tomorrow, I won’t get to see your face like before
Hahk mai mee tur, laaw cheewit chun mee pur arai
If you’re not here, then what’s the point of living?
Yahk ja yoot waylah hai naan
I want to freeze time forever
Hai kwarm ruk kaung rao mun kong reuay pai
So that our love will be secured indefinitely
Waylah tee mee, ja urie kum nee hai mot tung jai
With the time we have, I’ll let out everything in my heart

**Yahk bauk wah ruk tur, wah ruk tur
I want to tell you I love you, I love you
Hai mark tee soot taun nee
Say it as many times as I can right now
Yahk chai took waylah, took wi-nah-tee yoo karng tur hai naan
I want to spend every moment, every second next to you
Pur bauk wah ruk tur, wah ruk tur
So I can tell you that I love you, I love you
Jon teung wun dtong jark gun
Until the day we must part
Chun ja jum parb tur yoo fung nai jai gep wai
I’ll remember your presence and embed you in my heart
Mai koey ja leum
I’ll never forget you

Tur kon diow tee dern kao mah hen hua jai
You’re the only one who entered my life and saw my heart
Bpen tawun tee saung num sang kao mah tee jai chun
You’re the sun that brought a ray of light into my life
Kwarm song jum tee dee tee soot yahk ja mee mun pai eek san naan
I want the best memories to last forevermore
Keu taun tee chun dai dern yoo kiang karng tur
Those were when I spent them next to you

Repeat * / ** twice

Kwarm ruk kaung rao nun young yoo
Our love still lingers
Chun ja gep tur wai nai jai yahng nee
I’ll treasure you deep in my heart like this

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