Instinct – Gert Mah Peua Yom Tur [Born To Give In To You]

Artist: Instinct
Title: Gert Mah Peua Yom Tur
English Title: Born To Give In To You
Year: 2010

Fuen glam gleun gep naam dta, pid bahng mun ao wai
Fighting to suppress my tears, trying to keep them hidden
Glaeng yim hai tur kao jai wah ton dai yoo
Feign a smile to convince you that I’ll survive
Gep ngam kwarm bpen jing wai mai hai tur dai roo
I cover up the truth so that you won’t know
Wah chun juan ja yoot haai-jai
That I’ve nearly stopped breathing
Praw ruk tur jon mot hua jai, hai tur dai tang nan
Because I love you with all my heart, I can give you everything
Puat rao tee tur mot ruk gan, dtae chun ja rap wai
It’s heartbreaking that you’re out of love for me, but I’ll cope with it
Mai wah gan tah wan nee tur ja mop jai hai krai
I won’t resent you if you give your heart to someone else now
Gaw hai mun pen pai
I’ll just let things be

*Ja kau yom,
I’ll surrender,
Ploy meu kong tur hai pai jer ruk mai
I’ll let go of your hand so you can go find a new love
(Dtaam dtae/hua jai kong tur)
(Just follow your heart)
Lae ja mai riak rong
And I won’t be demanding
Chun gert mah peua yom tur samer…tang hua jai
I was born to always give in to you…wholeheartedly
Gaw kong mai leua kum dai nok jark kau hai tur chok dee
There’s nothing left to say, except that I wish you the best
(Tah tur yeun yan wah ja pai teung mae mai leua krai)
(If you insist on leaving even though I won’t have anyone left)

Cheewit tee kuey mee duay gan mun kong jop trong nee
The life we once shared together will presumably end here
Tah tur dai jer tahng tee dee, wan nee ja tum jai
If you’ve found a better path, I’ll accept that now
Suan ruk tee tur hai gan, chan ja kit wah pen fan pai
As for the love you gave to me, I’ll think of it as a dream
Gaw hai mun pen pai
I’ll just let things be

Repeat *

Meua tur mai leua chun nai hua jai
Since no part of me remains in your heart
Ja deung dan rang tur pai gaw tao nan
It’d be pointless to stubbornly hold on to you
Yom ton peua hai tur dai pope jer kon tee fan
I’ll endure this so that you can meet the man of your dreams
Mae mun dtong sia jai, gaw mai pen rai
Even though I’m hurting now, I’ll be alright

Repeat * twice

Mun kong pen chok cha-dta hai gert mah peua yom tur
It’s probably my fate to be born to give in to you

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