Notto – Ruk Karng Diow [One-Sided Love]

Artist: Notto
Title: Ruk Karng Diow
English Title: One-Sided Love
Year: 2010

Took krang kuey bauk tua eng, sang hua jai
I tell myself every time, tell my heart
Mai hai wang gern pai gap reuang tur
Don’t get too hopeful when it comes to you
Teung mae ja lauk tua eng meua dai pope tur
Even if I’m lying to myself when I see you
Gep mun wai mai hai hen kwarm aun ae
I hold back so you won’t see my weakness

*Dtang dtae tee tur haai pai wan nan
Ever since you disappeared that day
Dtong yoo gap kwarm pit wang mun jep puat jai
I’ve had to live with a disappointment that’s breaking my heart

**Gaw kae piang ruk karng diow
This is only a one-sided love
Mun mai jing, mai mee ruk tee suay ngaam
It’s not real, there’s no such thing as a beautiful love
Chun kong dai kae fan pai
I can only dream of it
Ruk karng diow,
One-sided love,
Keu reuang jing jai tang jai
Is what’s real for my heart
Pit wang mah tao rai, dtat jai suk tee
As disappointed as I’ve been, I should give up

Tum tua hai haang tur wai, yah pler jai
I distance myself from you, not to be careless
Yah wan wai tah rao dtong glai gan
Can’t get nervous if we’re next to each other
Hai kwarm roo seuk leuan laang
Let my feelings fade away
Dtong mee suk wan leum reuang rao
There has to be a day when I’ll forget about us
Ploi hai fan mun jop pai
And let this dream end

Repeat * / **

Lae chun roo dee mai mee sit bauk hai tur hen jai
And I’m well aware I have no right to make you sympathize
Mun dtong yoo, dtong ton hai wai
I’ll survive, I’ll withstand this
Mai roo dtong jep praw ruk pai teung meua rai
I don’t know how much longer I have to hurt because of love
Koi koi leum tur pai dai suk wan
I’ll be able to gradually forget you…someday

Repeat **

Pit wang mah tao rai, hai paw suk tee
As disappointed as I’ve been, this is enough

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