Palmy – Proong Nee Aht Mai Mee Chan [Tomorrow, I May Not Be Here]

Artist: Palmy
Title: Proong Nee Aht Mai Mee Chan
English Title: Tomorrow, I May Not Be Here
Album: Stay
Year: 2003

Chun mai dtong garn arai
I don’t need anything
Bpen yahng nee mun gaw dee tow rai
Living like this is fine by all means
Mun mee kah ying gwah sing nai
It’s more meaningful than anything else
Mur tur lae chun saung kon ruk gun
When you and I both love each other
Chun mai sia dai arai laaw
I don’t have any regrets
Mee kae nee bpen yahng tee dtong garn
What I have is exactly what I want
Kae tur gub chun dee dtau gun took wun
Just as long as you and I keep treating each other well
Kae piang tow nun mun gaw paw laaw
That alone is enough

*Proong nee…Aht mai mee chun
Tomorrow…I may not be here
Proong nee…aht mai mee row
Tomorrow…there may be no us
Proong nee mai mee krai roo
No one knows what tomorrow holds
Tah suk wun dtong tag row
What if we have to separate one day?
Yahk bauk wah chun kong mai sia jai
I want to tell you I probably won’t be sorry

Row dai ruk kon tee row ruk
I got the chance to love the person that I love
Dai rien roo nai cheewit chuang neung
Got to experience it for a period in my life
Garn dai ruk krai kae piang krung neung
Having loved someone at least once
Gaw kong ja koom tee gert mah laaw
Makes being born worthwhile

Repeat * twice

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