Panadda Ruangwut – Lom Now Lae Dow Deuan [The Cold Air, The Stars & The Moon]

Artist: Panadda Ruangwut
Title: Lom Now Lae Dow Deuan
English Title: The Cold Air, The Stars & The Moon
Album: Dauk Mai Nai Hua Jai
Year: 2000

Deuk deun keun nee, lom now pud chooy mah
On this late night, the cold air blows over gently
Chun maung pai tee kaub fah nern naan
I gaze into the horizon for a long while
Nah taang haung naun perd taung rub sang prajun
My opened bedroom window welcomes in the moonlight
Sang deuan gumlung prachun sang dow
The moon is competing with the star’s radiance

Gaun lup keun nee,
Before I sleep tonight,
Jai chun kau pai jer pob tur tee bon fark fah praang prow
My heart longs to meet you upon the glittering sky
Ja naun lup lai nai aum kan kaung duang dow
I’ll fall asleep in the star’s embrace
Hai ngow rahtree op laum hua jai
And let the night’s shadow encircle my heart

*Mai roo kum keun nee mur tur yoo trong nun
I’m unsure about tonight when you’re over there
Ja hen dow duang diow gun gub chun mai
Will you see the same star as me?
Suk krung tee tur hen sang dow tau pragai,
Once you see a starlight flashing,
Gaw young meuan row dai pob gun
It’s just like we’re looking at each other
Deuk deun keun rarng, num karng yod yah kah
On this late, deserted night, dew drops form on the grass
Lai loo long mah sataun sang jun
And reflect the moonlight as they descend
Yahk yoot deuan dow,
I want to stop the moon and the stars,
Gep lom now wai naan naan
Hold onto the cold air forever
Praw tur ja mah yoo nai hua jai
Because you’ve come to live in my heart

Repeat *

Yahk tau waylah kum keun nee hai yow naan
Wish I could extend tonight and make it last forever
Praw chun mee tur yoo nai hua jai
Because I have you here in my heart

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3 Responses to Panadda Ruangwut – Lom Now Lae Dow Deuan [The Cold Air, The Stars & The Moon]

  1. yaso says:

    AWESOMENESS! Thanks so much for the song. It shall be on repeat for several days…a million thanks… 😀

  2. BK says:

    What a lovely song! I just love, love, love your translations! Thank you for your hard work.

  3. djpixc says:

    thanks for translating, much appreciated, it just flows don’t ya think! 😛

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