Peck Palitchoke – Mee Hua Jai Tae Mai Yahk Ruk [I Have a Heart, But I Don’t Want to Love]

Artist: Peck Palitchoke
Title: Mee Hua Jai Tae Mai Yahk Ruk
English Title: I Have a Heart, But I Don’t Want to Love
Year: 2010

Gaw praw koey tae jur kon jai rai, jai rai
Because I’ve only met those who’ve been heartless, heartless
Soot tai jai gaw luey mai yahk ruk
So I ended up not wanting to love
Gaw luey dtong puk jai ao wai
So I had to give my heart a break
Mai ruk krai tau krai
And not love anyone
Mun young saum jai mai set luey suk tee
It’s still not done getting repaired yet
Mai roo tur ja hah wah ying mai, yahk roo
I don’t know if you’ll accuse me of being conceited, wish I knew
Mai roo tur kao jai chun bahng mai
I don’t know if you understand me
I want to know
Tur grot chun mai tee chun bpen baep nee, yahng nee
Are you mad at me for being like this, like this?

*Payayam…Saum jai yoo samer
I’m trying… Constantly mending my heart
Payayam…Gaw young jeb mai hai
I’m trying… But the pain won’t go away
Payayam…Tae mun gaw tum mai dai
I’m trying… But I can’t do it yet
Gaw mai roo wah tua chun bpen arai
I don’t know what’s wrong with me either
Tua kon diow…Gaw rerm ja chin na
All alone… I’m starting to get used to it
Tua kon diow…Gaw baep wah dai yoo
All alone… I can live with it
Tua kon diow…Naan pai,
All alone… It’s been so long,
Gaw rerm ja huang kwarm sot kao laaw
I’m becoming guarded of this single life

**Mun young mai prom tee ja ruk, tee ja ruk
I’m still not ready to love, to love
Mun yahk puk, mun young mai prom
I want a break, I’m still not ready
Young mai prom ja ruk krai
Still not ready to love anyone
Kau waylah noi
Please give me a little time
Wun proong nee young mai sai tee ja ruk
Tomorrow still won’t be too late to love
Tee ja ruk, ruk gun
To love, love each other
Mun young mai prom tee ja kop, tee ja kop
I’m still not ready to date, to date
Mun yahk lop reuang nai wun nun
I want to erase what happened that day
Young mai prom ja kop krai
I’m still not ready to date anyone
Tah tur mee jai, raw dai mai
If you have feelings for me, can you wait?
Eek mai naan, ja pert jai hai kwarm ruk meuan derm
Soon enough, my heart will open and I’ll love as before
Tur raw chun dai reu plao
So can you wait for me?

I want to know
Tur raw dai mai
Can you wait?
Tur raw dai mai
Can you wait?
Yah peung tau jai
Don’t be discouraged yet

Repeat * / **

Mai chai chun mai mee jai,
It’s not that I don’t have any feelings,
Tae wah garn ja mee krai,
But in order to have someone,
Hua jai dtong prom
My heart must be ready
Mai chai reuang ngai ngai, mai chai reuang gluay gluay
It’s not a simple matter, not something trivial
Yahk hai tur chuay
Please help me out
Jai jing jing chun gaw yahk ja ruk
Honestly, I want to love you
Mun gaw kong mai naan tao rai rok na
It probably won’t be that much longer
Tee chun ja glub mah ruk krai
Until I can love someone again
Tur raw dai mai (Tur raw dai mai)
Can you wait? (Can you wait?)

Repeat **

Tur raw dai mai
Can you wait?

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