Prik Thai – Kon Ngai Ngai [Simple Girl]

Artist: Prik Thai
Title: Kon Ngai Ngai
English Title: Simple Girl
Album: The Series
Year: 2009

Wan nai gaw meuan gan
Each day is just like any other
Wan gert kong chun mai dtong kong kwan mark mai
I’m not asking for a special gift for my birthday
Meuan Valentine dauk mai kae chau neung kae nan paw
Just like on Valentine’s, a bouquet of flowers would suffice
Wan nai gaw meuan gan
Each day is just like any other
Yoo gap tur chun mai dai wung hai woon wai
I don’t wish to complicate things for you
Chun kon ngai ngai
I’m a simple girl
Mai dai gaw mai kae,
I don’t care if I don’t get anything,
Mai sam-kan
It doesn’t matter

*Mai jam bpen dtong roo-rah
It doesn’t have to be lavish
Mai dtong san hah mah
You don’t have to search for it
Wan yoot, kau kae tur yoot
On the weekends, I only ask that you spend
Yoot tee chun mai mee krai
Spend it with me and no one else
Wan krohp rop,
For our anniversary,
Kau kae chop chun gwah koey
I only ask that you like me more than before

**Mai dtong mee mae kaew waen,
I don’t need a precious ring,
Kau kae kuan kaen gaw paw
Walking arm in arm with you will do
Glua praw chun glua kon tee ruk dtong nak jai
Because I fear that my sweetheart will be inconvenienced
Yoo gan, chun mai kau meuan yahng krai
Being together, I don’t desire the things that others do
Yoo tee chun yoo gaw praw ruk tur mot jai
The reason I’m with you is because I love you with all my heart
Mai pai gao-lee reu America
We don’t have to go to Korea or America
Kae man mah hah chun gaw paw
I’m content as long as you keep coming over
Yoo gan ngai ngai,
Let’s live a simple life,
Tur mai dtong ai
You don’t have to be embarrassed
Ruk, praw chun ruk tur mark mai
Love, because I love you so much

Repeat * / ** twice

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2 Responses to Prik Thai – Kon Ngai Ngai [Simple Girl]

  1. Bah2 says:

    what happen to all the videos? Its just wrong when some fans try to bring Thai music to the world while greedy profits oriented organizations cashing out of Thais. U just cant ban the Internet, there will be more and more ways for ppl to enjoy music all over.

  2. Yibin says:

    Anybody knows where to download this song?

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